Famous in Love Cast Sounds Off On What It’s Like to be Young in Hollywood

Bella Thorne and the Famous in Love cast reveal the truth about the darker side of showbiz.

Bella Thorne, aged 19, and the cast of new show Famous in Love explore some of the darker sides of being a millennial in show business.

Who's better to tell us what goes on behind the scenes than the stars of the show themselves? As part of the social media generation, these guys know first hand that being a modern celebrity is a totally different ball game. Check out the videos below and don't forget you can binge watch Famous in Love by clicking here!

Find out what it's really like to be famous in this Bella Thorne interview.

"The problem with Hollywood is they want to change you and they want to tell you you're not this and you're not that"

Bella Thorne

Plus Carter Jenkins, Keith Powers and the Famous in Love cast had a little something to say on the subject of Hollywood too!

There's really a lot more going on behind the scenes than we'd realized 😮

"The comments. I'll see them and I'll want to respond, but that's what they want."

Keith Powers

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