Enjoy The Killer Tunes In The Official Famous In Love 2-Hour Finale Music Guide

We can't believe it's really over 😭

We guess all good things have to end.

But that doesn't mean you have to stop loving it. This music guide might give you the last of the Famous in Love season 1 tracks, but you can still rewatch every episode here on Freeform!

Episode 9

1. Paige goes through her morning routine, minus Cassie and Jake. And to make matters worse she has to fend off the paparazzi camping outside her apartment.

While Paige wishes she had her two best friends to support her, 'Bitter Fruit' by The Kills helps us understand exactly how she is feeling.

2. Paige texts Jake to try to talk about his interview in Austin. Jake's reply isn't what she was hoping for.

At one of Paige's lowest points, 'Surrender' by Natalie Taylor plays, adding to the sadness.

3. Cassie tells Adam about how close she, Jake, and Paige used to be. Adam tells her a similar story about a friend of his, and the difficult decision he had to make to save their friendship.

While 'Another Lonely Heart' by Fialta plays in Adam's apartment, Cassie comes to a conclusion.

4. Paige feels out of place as she attends Jordan's premiere alone.

The beautiful song that plays through the scene is 'We Don't Know' by The Strumbellas.

5. On the red carpet, Paige and Alexis smile for the photographers while throwing shade at each other. Jordan leaves an interview to go and speak to Tangey.

Matching the stylish Hollywood chic of the red carpet is 'In The Spotlight' by Samuel Hanson.

Episode 10

6. Rainer drunk dials Paige from a bar somewhere near her campus. He asks if she really cares about him while she tries to figure out which bar he's at.

While we are all worrying about Rainer, 'More's Always Better' by The Hot Damns plays in the bar.

7. Rachel arrives at Alexis' door to apologize for her behavior. Alexis says she forgives her, but then secretly films Rachel as she seduces her.

Things get steamy as the sexy 'Bang Bang (Remember My Name)' by BeLL plays as Alexis seeks revenge on her former co-star.

8. At a press conference Paige is asked if she's dating Rainer. As she tries to answer, Jake crashes the conference to tell Paige that he loves her.

'You & I' by RHODES plays while we're left wondering if Paige will choose her roommate turned sweetheart, Jake, or her hotshot co-star, Rainer.

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