How Popular Are Your Season 2 Premiere Opinions?

So much drama, so many opinions.

Where would Famous in Love be without its drama? And what kind of fans would we be if we didn't have strong opinions about it all? Cast your votes below to show us where you really stand. And don't forget, you can stream the two-hour season premiere right here on Freeform.

Did Paige make the right decision choosing Jake over Rainer?

How hilarious was Cassie's ad?

Did Alexis make a mistake when she took on Alexilicious?

And was Tangey right to leave Ida and the reality TV show behind?

Should Jake take a year off from Stealing Georgia to support Paige?

Should Paige have fought harder to keep her part in Jake's movie?

Was Rainer right to return to Locked?

Will Rainer and Paige manage to work together or is there still too much history there?

Can we trust Harper?

Will Jordan manage to keep his promises to Marisol and the kids?

Should Nina just butt out of Rainer's life?

Should Jordan tell Rainer the truth about him and Nina before it's too late?

Will Alexis and Tangey's friendship survive the Nina/Jordan scandal?

Let us know which decision was hardest in the comments!

The season 2 premiere of Famous in Love is now streaming on Freeform.

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