It's Time For The Official Famous In Love Episode 6 Music Guide

The three amigos have got such good taste in music 🎵

As usual, Famous in Love had a pretty amazing soundtrack.

And as usual, we've got every single track right here in the official music guide. Relive the best songs of Episode 6 below, and watch every episode of Famous in Love Season 1, streaming now on Freeform.

1. Cassie and Paige get excited about going to Vegas with Rainer, and they both agree not to invite Jake.

While the duo catch up, we can hear 'Over & Over' by Smallpools.

2. Jake arrives at his study session to find that it's become a frat party, and then he accidentally uncovers Cassie's secret.

While Jake and Cassie share a seriously awkward encounter, the frat house is playing 'Mess Around' by Cage the Elephant.

3. Cassie hides out from Paige and Jake at Adam's place. He encourages her to talk to them.

The soft tones of 'Between the Night, Between the Day (feat. Tim Myers)' by Rosi Golan plays to heighten this delicate moment.

4. Rainer listens to his voicemail, hoping to hear from Paige. When he doesn't, he calls her but gets no answer.

The sad melodies of 'Walk Away' by Jess Delgado mirror Rainer's disappointment.

5. Jordan and his mom share a touching moment. Cassie finally comes home, and the three amigos are reunited.

The song playing while everyone reconnects is 'Wonder' by Little Majorette.

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