Listen To All The Best Songs From Famous In Love S1E2 Here

Every music lover will appreciate these tunes.

The soundtrack to Famous In Love S1E2 "A Star is Torn" is amazing! It's full of energetic tracks that perfectly match the vibe of the show. Listen to them all below, and then binge Famous in Love on Freeform.

Paige talks to Cassie and Jake about her parents.

The high energy 'Stereotype' by Samsaya sets the scene as Paige worries about telling her parents the big news.

Cassandra leaves her client's house.

'2Nite (Pictureplane Remix)' by Skin Town plays quietly in the background as we see Cassie arrange to meet her mysterious client again.

Paige's parents arrive.

'Trouble' by Valerie Broussard provides the accompaniment for this scene as Paige freaks out about her parents' arrival.

Rainer congratulates Alexis on getting a role.

'Take It Back' by Liza Anne plays softly as Alexis give Rainer some advice, while Nina and Jordan share a intimate moment.

Alexis kisses Rachel at the party.

'Mean What I Mean' by Aluna George (feat. Leikeli47 & Dreezy) creates a fun, upbeat vibe the party heats up.

Nina introduces the cast of "Locked" to the press.

The past paced, frenetic 'Forever Tonight' by Galantis is a perfect music choice as the paparazzi swarm round Paige.

Alan tells Nina that he's the new studio boss.

The epic 'California' by Mags plays as we learn something shocking about Cassie, while Nina and Jordan both get very unwelcome news.

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