Relive The Amazing Music From Famous in Love Season 1 Episode 3 Here

We're loving the music on this show.

We can't get over how good the Famous in Love soundtrack is! S1E3 'Not So Easy A' has so many great songs, and you can listen to them all in our music guide below. Plus, you can binge all of Famous in Love at any time.

Paige and Jake discuss her college assignment.

'Dear Life feat. Jaw' by Claptone plays as we feel the chemistry between Paige and a topless Jake!

Paige begs her friends to come with her to an important meeting.

We hear the fun track 'I Got This' by Amy Stroup playing as Paige tries to convince Cassie and Jake to help her out.

The friends wait at a fancy restaurant for the agent to arrive.

'Forever Again' by Pet Lions sets the scene as we see the group at a restaurant they definitely can't afford!

Unexpected guests show up during the lunch meeting.

We hear 'All That I Want' by SD3 playing in the background as the Dolan Twins make a special appearance.

The agent tells Paige about her hectic schedule.

'Break' by ADLT VDEO plays softly during the meeting as Paige finds out she's going to be rich!

Paige gets ready for the photo shoot.

The energetic, funky 'All Night' by Icona Pop accompanies a montage of Paige getting her hair and makeup done.

Ida works on Tangey's new track in the studio.

In the show, 'Heart Eyes' is Tangey Turner's (Pepi Sonuga) new single and we hear a snippet of it in this scene.

Paige asks Alexis for a favor.

We hear the super catchy 'Cool Me Down' by Margaret play as Paige makes a confession.

The cast of 'Locked' come together for the photo shoot.

The heavy bass of 'Feel the Same' by Battle Tapes creates a dramatic atmosphere as the photo shoot ends in chaos!

Rainer and Jordan argue about Tangey.

'Wild for You' by Sleep Machine plays during this tense scene as Rainer and Jordan's friendship falls apart.

Alexis and Jake leave town together.

The thumping beat of 'Wicked Ones' by Dorothy is the perfect finale to the episode as we see Alexis get into a car and leave with Jake.

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