The Best Music From S1E4 Of Famous In Love Is Right Here

We have fallen in love with these songs.

S1E4 had some wonderful songs, including two original tracks that Tangey Turner performs in the show. Check out our official music guide below, and don't forget to binge all of Famous in Love here.

Adam shows Paige round the studio lot.

The fast-paced 'Here We Go' by Butterfly Boucher plays as Paige is taken on a whirlwind tour of Gold Brothers Studio.

Tangey records the vocals for her new song.

Tangey Turner (played by Pepi Sonuga) is recording her new single 'Heart Eyes' when Jordan shows up.

Rainer talks to Jordan about Paige turning him down.

'Ruins' by Mrch plays in the background as Rainer struggles to deal with being rejected.

Tangey performs her country song on live television.

Tangey Turner surprises everyone by changing her style and singing a country love song: 'The Morning After Goodbye'.

Paige turns down Rainer again.

In the final scene of S1E4, Rainer catches up to Paige and asks her out again, but she claims she doesn't feel real chemistry between them! 'Here With Me' by Susie Suh & Robert Koch is a beautiful accompaniment to this scene.

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