The Famous In Love Episode 7 Music Guide Is Here And The Tunes Are So Good

Who knew Hollywood could sound so good?

The Famous in Love soundtrack has pulled out all the stops and we can't stop listening to it.

Check out the tracks featured in Episode 7 below and if you can't get enough of Famous in Love binge all of Season 1 right now on Freeform.

1. Jake gets anxious about his script when the studio tells him they're making some changes. Alexis tries to reassure him but has some doubts herself.

The song playing at their gorgeous poolside location is 'Before We Lose Our Mind' by The Hip Abduction.

2. Alexis bites the bullet and asks Rachel to consider taking one of the parts in Jake's script. Rachel refuses to work with Alexis.

While the two former lovers face off, 'Neon' by Queen of Hearts plays, providing a thumping bassline to all the tension.

3. Alexis tracks Rachel down again and offers an olive branch. She convinces Rachel to at least read Jake's script.

While Alexis opens up a little, 'Do You Remember' by Jarryd James is playing at the sleek beachside bar.

4. Bumping into each other while studying, Jake and Paige discuss Cassie, Jake's script, and everything that's been happening.

The pair finally reconnect while 'Away We Go' by Albert provides the perfect background music for the reunited friends.

5. Rainer and Paige finally rehearse their dance together.

'If You Let Me (feat. GRADES)' by Sinead Harnett provides the seriously seductive soundtrack as sparks fly between the two.

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