Which Famous In Love Relationship Moment Was Better?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It's time to put your Famous in Love ships to the test! Think you can choose which relationship moment was better in the polls below? See if your choices match up with other fans, and then catch up on the latest episodes here on Freeform.

Which kiss made you more weak at the knees?

And which season 2 kiss took more of your breath away?

Which devastating moment left you the most heartbroken?

Which grand gesture melted you into a bigger puddle of feelings?

Which of these romantic moments got your heart pounding?

Which steamy moment left you more hot and bothered?

And which of these steamy moments left you needing a cold shower?

Which argument shattered your heart into more pieces?

Which supportive moment left you more warm and fuzzy?

And which of these supportive moments gave you more hope?

Which relationship moment has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!

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