Which Relationship Mistakes In Famous In Love Were Worse?

Get ready for some tough choices.

There has been quite a lot of relationship drama in Famous in Love season 2, and the penultimate episode was no exception. Paige finally told Jake that she slept with Eddy, and Jake pretty much admitted that he has feelings for Billy! We have no idea what's going to happen next week and so, to kill time, we want to know which relationship mistakes so far you think have been the worst.

1. Which false promise was worse?

2. Which break-up was worse?

3. Which selfish act was worse?

4. Which betrayal was worse?

5. Which infidelity was worse?

6. Which thoughtless act was worse?

7. Which jealousy was worse?

8. Which stupid mistake was worse?

9. Which big ask was worse?

10. Which work-over-relationship moment was worse?

Do your opinions match up with other fans? Tell us in the comments!

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