You Won't Be Able To Get The Tunes From S1E8 Out Of Your Head

Not that you would want to 🎵

This week's soundtrack really knocked it out of the park. You can find some of the best Famous in Love tracks in this week's music guide below. Watch Famous in Love episode 8 again here, or binge the entire show now.

1. After a tense phone call with Jake, Paige confides in Rainer. Rainer tries to ask Paige out on a date...again.

And while Paige tries to resist the #Raige, 'All Day All Night' by Moon Taxi plays to remind us of all the romantic tension.

2. Jordan meets with the man who has been threatening his mom.

'Impulse' by Mrch plays while Jordan makes the tough decision to help his mom out of her debt.

3. Paige tries to get in contact with Cassie and Jake to tell them about the rewrite of Jake's script, but neither of them pick up.

While Paige desperately tries to be a good friend, the driving tune of 'Where the Devil Don't Go' by Elle King plays on.

4. Paige and Rainer walk into the restaurant as Jake and Alexis are having lunch.

You could cut the tension with a knife as the sounds of 'Gimme What You Got' by Matt White plays in the background.

5. Paige comforts Jake on the loss of his script, telling him to go demand it back at the next production meeting.

While Paige helps Jake realize he could still make his movie his way, 'Worth the Fight' by Broods provides the seriously dramatic soundtrack.

6. Nina's assistant, who's actually a spy for Barrett Hopper, steals a number of sensitive texts and emails from Nina. She also has a picture of Nina and Jordan kissing.

'The Queen Is Back' by Fran Hall plays, reminding us that Barrett is here to climb his way to the top, no matter who he has to step on.

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