Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide

Our favorite soundtrack for our favorite new show.

Good Trouble season 1 is finally here. Love the show? Silly question, of course you do. Find every song from the show below, and check out the official Spotify playlist.

Official Good Trouble Spotify Playlist

Episode 1: DTLA

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide - 1003

'Like That' by Fleur East
'Shiver' by Bamtone
'Not About You' by Haiku Hands
'Sweet L.A.' by Morcheeba
'Breathless' by I M U R
'Love's A Beach' by Twirl
'Good To Run' by Ben Standage
'Bet It All' by Ben Standage
'First Cry' by Knightstown
'Lower Worlds' by Rainer Maria
'Girls Just Wanna Have Some' by Chromatics
'Technicolor' by VALA
'Bones' by Lenii
'Stop Go Round' by Turf Club

Episode 2: The Coterie

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide - 1004

'Party Rock Anthem' by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock
'I've Got Me' by VALA
'Flocking' by Ty Frankel
'Wear You Out' by Tyrone Briggs
'Next Mistake' by Trisha M. Mohring
'Good Times' by Dorian Wyld and Evan Scott
'Spell' by Raveena
'Innocent' by DecadeZ
'The People I Love' by Haelphon feat. AML
'Woah' by Smash Mob feat. Evan Scott & Big Rick
'Graffiti' by Active Sun feat. Connor Pledger
'Ven Pa'Ca' by Cielobrujo
'Kiss Chase' by The Death Beats
'Foolish' by Rokuro & Leah Lost
'It's Not Enough' by Heaven
'Stuntin'' by DecadeZ
'Run On (Cyber Trap)' by Blues Saraceno & Nicholas Patrick Kingsley
'Crazy Love' by Truvonne

Episode 3: Allies

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide - 1005

'Speak Loud' by Trills
'Love Chains' by B.O.Y.
'If I Could Be Your Girl' by Aces
'Frame For One' by Jesse Marchant
'Breaking Through' by Glassio
'Own It' by DAAAM!!! feat. Faith Vernon
'Something To Lose' by James Supercave
'Up and Down' by Patrick Sweany
'Alright (Clean)' by Truvonne
'Luna' by Kuzo
'Let Me Breathe' by Eryn Allen Kane
'It's Alright' by Valley Lodge
'Spare Some Change' by Eryn Allen Kane
'Runaways' by Lowell
'The Way You're Breathing' by Hibou

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