Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide

We already have these songs on repeat.

Good Trouble is back with brand new episodes and with it the perfect summer soundtrack. Find every song in our episode-by-episode music guide, and follow the official Spotify playlist to relive all your favorite moments from the show.

Official Good Trouble Spotify Playlist

Episode 8: Disruptions

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1003
  1. Around You by Luisa Maita
  2. Nobody Does It Better by Headband
  3. Arithmetic (feat. ProbCause) by The Floozies
  4. Didn't I Babe by Pet Fangs
  5. Falling In Love by Le Bon
  6. You'd Gotta Be Alive by St. Francis Hotel
  7. Rebel by Headband
  8. Afraid by The O'My's
  9. Permanent Way by Charlie Cunningham
  10. Aku Aku by Super Duper
  11. Gameshow by Jerry Williams
  12. My Enemy by RIVVRS
  13. Cradle to the Grave by Our Violet Room
  14. Tear the World Apart by Casey Laine
  15. All We Want Is Love by Ane Brun

Episode 7: In the Middle

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1004
  2. Come Get A Rhythm by ARP
  3. Consistent by Jacquie
  4. Fire by Folly & the Hunter
  5. My City by Otis Kane
  6. In Technicolor by Fire Choir
  7. Lights Go Down by Lowpass Lushes
  8. Guajira y Chachacha (feat. Dominique Gaspari) by Conjunto Massalia
  9. Blue Groove by Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads
  10. Rumba En El Solar by Chico Alvarez
  11. Should Be by I M U R
  12. Let Down by Mariachi Flor De Toloache
  13. No Worries by LeyeT
  14. La La Land by Naomi Wild
  15. Sunrise (Staying Out Late) by Arum Rae

Episode 6: Twenty-Fine

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1005
  1. Fall by Donora
  2. Better Than This by Reagan James
  3. Falling Slowly by Cast
  4. Both Sides by Baegod
  5. It's Like Babe Doll Con by Max Future
  6. Cool Carbon by Ruslan & Paul Russell
  7. Continue The Fun by Mauskovic
  8. Honeymoon by Jeffrey James
  9. Imo by Black Truth Rhythm Band
  10. Middle of Nowhere by KELLR
  11. Say Less by Jean Deaux
  12. Hot-n-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado) by N.E.R.D
  13. Isaura by Erica Kristen McManus
  14. OBXESSED by Fire Choir
  15. Don't Stop by Diron Animal
  16. Different Pages by Johnny Elkins
  17. Bang Bang Boom by Juliet Roberts
  18. The Way Up by Kokolo
  19. Ain't It Amazing (feat. Bellsaint) by Seibold

Episode 5: Happy Heckling

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1006
  1. Hold by Arroyo
  2. Mixer by Amber Mark
  3. Take It by BATZ
  4. Nobody's Home by Art d'Ecco
  5. Afterglow by IMUR
  6. Criminal by 3 One Oh
  7. Dyed In The Wool by Bootstraps
  8. Apologies by White Light ft. Ben Botfield
  9. Love Solution by Mary PopKids
  10. Medusa by Emma Ruth Rundle

Episode 4: Unfiltered

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1007
  1. Rebel Chick by Olly Anna
  2. No Talk by Lowell
  3. Baby by Jessica Hernandez
  4. Run Fast by The Jetsetters
  5. Fresh by Cass XQ
  6. Forever's Gone by DRAMA
  7. Sorry About the Carpet by Agar Agar
  8. Allez Prenons Un Autre Verre by Pink Velvet
  9. Wish You Were Here by Charlie Collins
  10. Slow Down by Jessica Childress
  11. Alarm Will Sound by James Supercave
  12. Twins by David Ramirez
  13. Rich and Famous by Sara Phillips
  14. Hypericum by Gem Club

Episode 3: Doble Quince

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1008
  1. Free Rider by Spirit City
  2. Confetti by Julia Jean-Baptiste
  3. NYLA (feat. Anya Marina) [Draper Remix] by Fancy Feelings
  4. El Anillo by Jennifer Lopez
  5. Retumbando by Jae Bau
  6. Get High by Herizen
  7. Mami Vamonos by Malise
  8. Disco by Sextile
  9. The Pharaoh Dance (Club Mix) by Mat "Preach" Slater
  10. Into the Light by Corey Tut
  11. Last Night by Phonicworks
  12. Runaway Tonight by J-Rob MD
  13. Something in the Water (feat. Jace XL) by Harvey Sutherland
  14. Heart Time Body Mind by beatzthegame
  15. Illusions by Adeline
  16. Your Turn by MGHTY
  17. Building A World by Lushlife
  18. Love Is The Answer by Natalie Taylor
  19. Block Party (feat. Fuego Bentley & Sydni Madison) by Chalease
  20. Gimme More (feat. Brittany Pfantz) by Fan Fiqtion
  21. From The Ashes by Valerie Broussard
  22. Spaceships by Elujay
  23. Rise by In The Valley Below

Episode 2: Torn

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1009
  1. Bitter End by Young & Sick
  2. Never Know by Adeline
  3. Shine a Light by Saint B. & The Feeling
  4. I'll Still Be Here (feat. Mau Jimenez) by Shani Rose
  5. Doin' It Right by FEiN
  6. Barbarella by Pet Fangs
  7. Salvation by Tash Sultana
  8. My House by The O'My's
  9. Six Feet Under by Sara Phillips
  10. Remind Me by Zolita
  11. Time (feat. Ericca Longbrake) by Finding Hope
  12. Turning a Hand by Francis
  13. Forgive by Unions

Episode 1: Percussions

Good Trouble - Good Trouble Official Season 2 Music Guide - 1010
  1. War Face by Lowell
  2. Breath by Ex Makina
  3. Clap Clap Clap by Jasmine Ash
  4. Chase The Electric by V A L A
  5. Te Olvido by Jae Bau
  6. Alan by Perfume Genius
  7. Force of Nature by Jessica Childress
  8. How Far We Can Go by Upstate
  9. Rush Over Me by Featherbug
  10. Ooh Baby Baby by Priscilla G
  11. Sucker Punch (feat. Outlaw The Artist) by VenessaMichaels
  12. John the Revelator by Larkin Poe

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