Zoey's Driving Playlist Will Give You Serious Road Trip Vibes

Are you ready to listen?

So you know that Zoey's driving playlist features Solange, right? Well, do you want to know what else she loves? This article, brought to you by , contains the full list of songs Zoey listens to while driving her Buick Encore.

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(Zoey's face when someone else chooses the music)

1. 'Magic' by Rayana Jay

Zoey's on her way and nothing can stop her.

2. 'Waves' by Natalie Major

"And it comes in waves..." 🎶

3. 'The Kids Are Alright' by Chloe x Halle

Because every playlist needs a good song to sing along to.

4. 'Keep You Close' by Knox Fortune

Okay, every playlist needs two good songs to sing along to.

5. 'Starving' by Hailee Steinfeld & Grey ft. Zedd

Zoey didn't know she was starving until she hit the road.

6. 'All I Know' by DaniLeigh ft. Kes

It's too soon for Zoey to stop driving.

7. 'April' by LANKS

A song for those late night drives.

8. 'Cranes in the Sky' by Solange

Getting on the road makes everything better.

9. 'The Old Me' by Jacquie Lee

Is Zoey there yet?

10. 'Owe You Nothing' by Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke

And Zoey has reached her destination!

Will any of these tunes make it onto your driving playlist? Tell us in the comments.

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