9 Random Facts You Never Would Have Guessed About Kevin Ryan!

Hint: you don't want to face him in a dance-off...

Time to meet the incredibly charming Kevin Ryan!

Hello, handsome!

1. Kevin has a German Shepherd puppy named Copper!

F the paperwork, I connecting with my ball

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2. He loves working out and running!

Quick midday #workout then a rehearsal w/ #DaisyHead #Guilt @freeformtv @ABCFamily @lionsgatemovies

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Fitness and living a healthy life are very important to him.

3. In 2015 he ran two marathons for a children's performance arts center in Boston!

4. He used to be a professional downhill cyclist!

5. His family are eighth generation Stonecutters!

#HappyMothersDay to all the beautiful Mothers out there! Thanks for putting up with us;)

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6. He wrote and directed his first school play when he was ten years old!

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7. He loves to breakdance!

8. He is a carver and scuptor!

My Flaunt party dinner knife!! @flauntmagazine @realjessemetcalfe scary

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He works with natural stone: granite, marble, etc.

9. He was once stranded for four days on a yacht in the Irish sea!

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