A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!

We asked the costume team for access to some of the Guilt characters looks. And we're in love with all of them.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1001

Grace confidently rocks a patterned quilted blazer. Matching with a plain gray t-shirt and skinny jeans, the bold floral pattern of the jacket makes this super casual look perfect for brunch dates, coffee talk, or looking spectacular while running an errand.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1002

This. It's the height of sophistication. Stan nails classic British style with a sharp dark gray wool suit. Matched with a flat cap and bold lilac shirt, Stan looks set to conquer the world in this getup. Plus, how long until everyone's in a vest again? Make this happen, people.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1004

Keeping it simple with an emerald green sweatshirt. Nice job, Natalie. Working this block color, Natalie's auburn hair and green eyes shine against this wardrobe staple. We're big fans.

D. S. Bruno

Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1005

Bruno looks suave and smart in this immaculate fitted suit. A vintage and simple style, Bruno channels classic Hollywood heartthrobs like Cary Grant and Clark Gable. Yes, please. More of this.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1008

A casual and perfectly coordinated style, Luc keeps things simple with a dark brown tee and open checked shirt. It's a nonchalant ensemble that matches on-trend and old-school styles. Plus, it somehow makes his eyes even dreamier.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1009

Ready for an all night party, Roz's red crop top pops against skintight leather leggings. Paired with matching red heels, this simple yet dance-ready outfit is flat-out perfect.


Guilt - A Sneak Peek At Guilt Fashion!  - 1010

Patrick rocks this rugged ensemble while still maintaining a clean look. You can't go wrong with a classic leather jacket and a casual tee.

We love these Guilt fashion trends! Which character's style is closest to your own? Let us know in the comments!

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