Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot

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A night out goes horribly wrong.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1004

Guilt throws us straight into a world of secrets and betrayal, introducing Grace Atwood, who we find distraught and frightened in an interview room at a London police station. Flash back to the night before and we see Grace and her friend Molly enjoying a heavy night of partying in their apartment. Early the next morning, Grace wakes up on the roof next to Luc, her French boyfriend and an aspiring artist. A little groggy, but high on the memories of the party, the duo head downstairs to be met with Grace and Molly’s other flatmate, Roz. Having just got back from work, Roz is not impressed with the state of the flat. Grace just laughs at her, but things are quick to take a dark turn when she and Luc come across Molly…brutally murdered and left dead on the apartment floor!

Grace is a suspect!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1005

After investigating the murder scene, traces of Molly’s blood are found on Grace’s feet, making her a prime suspect in the case. So D.S. Bruno, the lead detective in Molly’s case and associate D.I. Pike bring Grace in for questioning. Gwendolyn Hall, the crown prosecutor on the case, watches over the cops as they question Grace on the whereabouts of Molly’s cell phone. Grace explains that she expects Molly lost her phone in Diablo, the nightclub they had visited the night of Molly’s murder. The cops ask Grace if she believed Molly was forgetful or perhaps careless, but Grace tells them that Molly thought she was being watched. Afterwards, Bruno is confronted by Gwendolyn who thinks he was too soft with Grace and that he should have questioned her further about the traces of blood on her feet. Bruno explains that there is insufficient evidence to warrant an arrest, so Gwendolyn reluctantly agrees that Grace should be released.

The medical examiner's have a breakthrough.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1006

In Boston, we meet Natalie Atwood, Grace’s older sister and a kick-ass defense lawyer. After a hysterical phone call from Grace updating her about the previous nights events, she jumps on the next flight to London. Back at Luc’s loft, Grace is still distraught by Molly’s murder and begs Luc to stop creating such gruesome pictures as they remind her too much of finding Molly’s body. Back at the coroners, the medical examiners make a shocking discovery…Molly was pregnant! The cops quickly conclude that this could perhaps have been a motive for the murder. But with the father unknown, the cops must work on getting a DNA sample.

Grace and Luc make a run for it!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1007

The next day, Grace seeks normality so heads back in to University. On her way to class, she is stopped by Professor Linley, her slightly creepy all too touchy lecturer who wants to know what he can do to help Grace through this tough time. Later that night, Grace is making her way home when she suddenly panics that someone is following her. She runs to Luc’s house crying, everything quickly becoming too much for this young girl who's far from home. Seeing how upset she is, Luc encourages Grace to disappear to Paris with him for a few days. But not long after their attempted departure, the cops ambush Grace and Luc’s train in search of the couple, their attempt to flee moving them straight to the top of the suspects list. Suspicions are roused even further when a video of Molly giving Luc a lap-dance surfaces.

Grace gets a lawyer.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1008

The next day, James Lahue, Grace’s step-dad, hires Stan Gutterie who, contrary to Natalie’s opinion, is one of the best defence lawyers there is. James’s timing is perfect as back at the police station, the cops are now beginning to come down hard on Grace. When Gwendolyn asks Grace about whether any boys ever got between her and Molly, Stan bursts in and takes Molly back to his apartment where Natalie soon arrives on the scene and confronts Stan about his shady representation.

There's a Prince with a guilty pleasure.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1009

In an unknown apartment, we are introduced to Prince Theo, who appears to have a dark secret. With a naked woman lying blindfolded and tied up on his bed, he behaves somewhat differently to how we would expect Princes to behave. Meanwhile Roz has caught the eye of a clubber at Diablo called Kaley. The two end up in bed together and Kaley is given an offer she can't refuse.

Molly's brother arrives in London.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1010

We are then introduced to Molly's brother, Patrick Ryan, who arrives at Scotland Yard and is extremely upset to find out that he will not be able to see Molly's body until the next day. While the constable sees if there's anything that can be done to help Patrick, Natalie arrives on the scene and tells Patrick that she is sorry. Patrick asks Natalie if she knew Molly, but Natalie decides to leave out the connection between herself and his sister and so Patrick storms off, annoyed that Natalie is interfering in something that is none of her business.

Natalie does some detective work of her own.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1015

The next day, Luc meets Grace at her apartment, but they argue and Luc disappears off angrily, annoyed that while Grace was released, he was kept in custody. Back at Grace’s apartment, Natalie is gathering some of Grace’s things when she comes across a scarf that she bought as a present for James. After questioning Grace, she learns that the scarf actually belonged to Molly so she decides to confront James, suspicious that there was something going on between them.

A video from Grace's past resurfaces.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1016

Back at the crime scene, Bruno and Pike discover that a stuffed monkey belonging to Molly had been taken from the crime scene and they begin to question whether Grace was in fact telling the truth about Molly’s stalker. But it’s not long before Grace is back in the limelight when a video of her slashing the tires of Linley’s wife’s car resurfaces. She claims that she didn’t know Linley was married when she got with him, but the jealous and violent streak in her personality leaves Natalie questioning whether her sister is innocent after all.

Roz is up to something shady.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 1 Official Recap: Pilot  - 1019

Later that night, we go behind closed doors at the Courtenay Club where we see a grand room filled with beautiful women dressed in sexy lingerie and men who's faces are hidden with masks. Standing nervously in nothing but a kimono, Kaley is handed a mask by Roz before being sent up the stairs and into a room with an unknown man… One of the masked men approaches Roz and asks her where her Irish friend is. Roz simply replies, "she won't be coming back".

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