Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do?

We STILL can't believe that [SPOILERS] killed Molly!

Grace reminisces!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1001

It is the night Molly was killed. Grace overhears Molly telling someone over the phone, “I don’t need your permission to do this – you don’t own me”. After she hangs up, Grace tries to comfort a very upset Molly. She asks Molly what’s wrong, but Molly says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Grace suggests that she should come out with her and Luc to hear Roz’s set, but Molly says that she just wants to stay in. Back in the present, we see Grace lying on her bed in prison.

Time is running out!

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Stan tells Natalie and Bruno that the jury will give their verdict in two hours, but Natalie tells him that that is not enough time to prove Grace’s innocence. Bruno tries to reassure Natalie, telling her that Pike will have the information regarding Jessica’s killer back from the lab soon and that the truth will come out eventually. Stan, however, says the truth will count for nothing if it comes out after the jury’s verdict, as Grace could still be in prison for over a year while they wait for an appeal to be granted. Meanwhile, Kaley dresses for Prince Theo while Patrick prepares his gun upstairs. Once she is ready, Kaley heads upstairs and tells Patrick that she must leave as she has a shift at work.

Phillip is out of patience.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1003

In Buckingham Palace, Prince Theo is on the phone with Charlotte. He tells her that he won’t be able to meet her that afternoon as he has a meeting. Phillip, who knows that the Prince is lying, reminds him that his afternoon is free of engagements and so asks Prince Theo if he would like him to phone Charlotte back. The Prince, however, does not appreciate Phillip’s comments. They begin to argue. Phillip tells the Prince of everything he has done to keep him safe – that he has ruined Bruno’s career and killed Neville. He goes on to say that he finds it hard not to believe that Prince Theo killed Molly, but Prince Theo assures Phillip that he didn’t. He goes on to tell Phillip that he went to her flat that night to try and convince her not to have their baby, but when he got there she was already dead.

Josh and Grace make a run for it!

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Josh takes Grace out of her restraints and she gets in the front of the van. They set off for Wales. Later, Josh tells Grace that one of his friends is working up new IDs for them. Grace says she didn’t even think about how much she would have to change and asks Josh how long it’ll be until she can contact Natalie. Josh, however, tells her that if she wants to be free, she won’t be able to speak to Natalie ever again. Meanwhile, Pike tells Bruno that he’s heard back from the lab and that the DNA on Jessica’s body matches Luc’s!

Prince Theo's in serious danger!

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Patrick sets up his gun and directs it towards the window of the flat Prince Theo is in with Kaley. He gets a clear shot of Prince Theo at the window but, before he can shoot, Kaley goes over to the Prince and blocks him from Patrick’s view. Inside the flat, Kaley asks Prince Theo if he has the money and begins to get undressed. Meanwhile, Charlotte battles through the paparazzi to enter her car. When she gets in the car, she realizes that Phillip is there instead of her normal driver. Phillip tells Charlotte that there is somewhere that they need to stop.

Luc confesses!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1006

Bruno and Pike arrive at Luc’s flat and tell him that they found his prints all over Jessica Marshall’s body. When questioned, Luc admits that he killed her, but that it was an accident. When they then ask Luc about Molly, Luc admits that he killed her as well and said that he had to “because she was going to tell about Jessica”. Pike records Luc as he describes what happened and we see a flashback of Luc stabbing Molly. Back in the present, Luc asks Bruno and Pike to tell Grace that he is sorry and then he slits his own throat. As he dies, Bruno frantically asks him where the clothes that he was wearing when he killed Molly are and Luc replies, “I fed them to the dragon”. Afterwards, Bruno calls Natalie and tells her what happened. Natalie tells him that Luc’s confession is not enough and that they are going to need physical proof that he killed Molly. Bruno says that he is working on it.

Grace has second thoughts!

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In court, the judge wonders where Grace is and asks an officer to get in touch with the police transport. Meanwhile, Grace and Josh are still making a run for it when Grace suddenly tells Josh to stop. When Josh refuses and says that it is too late for them to change their minds, Grace grabs the wheel and they crash. Once they come around, they hear police sirens and so Grace persuades Josh to put her back in her restraints and tells him that he must convince the police that they were in an accident. Across town, Bruno and Pike search for Luc’s bloody clothes. When they are searching on Neville’s roof, Bruno spots a Chinese restaurant called "Twin Dragon". Remembering Luc saying that he “fed his clothes to the dragon”, Bruno suggests they look there.

Royal blood is spilled.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1008

Phillip drops Charlotte off at the flat that Prince Theo is in with Kaley. Charlotte enters the bedroom and sees Kaley and Prince Theo together in bed. In order to get their attention, she goes over to the window and opens the drapes. Outside, Patrick watches as Prince Theo goes over to the window to talk to Charlotte. He has a clear shot of the Prince and goes to shoot, but then puts his gun down at the last second. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gunshot is fired at the Prince. Inside the room, Kaley tries to stop the bleeding. She tells Charlotte to phone an ambulance, but Charlotte refuses and calmly walks away.

The defense has new evidence.

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Outside the court house, Veena reports that Grace was late arriving because the paparazzi followed their van and caused them to spin out of control. In the court room, the judge has just invited the jury in when Bruno and Pike arrive with new evidence. They play the recording of Luc’s confession and show everyone the bloody clothes. They tell the judge that while they haven’t had time to do a full test on the clothes, a preliminary blood test showed that the blood on the clothes matched Molly’s extremely rare blood type. The judge doesn’t know how valid Bruno’s claims are, but admits that it is up to the jury to decide. He then says that he will grant a recess so the crown can form a rebuttal, but Gwendolyn tells him that there will be no need – she believes that Bruno and Pike are telling the truth, is satisfied that Grace is innocent, and dismisses the charge against her. Grace is free!

Bratalie say goodbye!

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After court, Natalie thanks Bruno for everything that he has done and tells him that she and Grace will be returning to America that night. Bruno wishes Natalie a happy life and walks away while Natalie emotionally looks on. Meanwhile, Patrick meets with Declan and asks him if he shot Prince Theo, but Declan says he didn’t. They argue and when Patrick calls the Prince an innocent man, Declan questions Patrick’s loyalty to his country.

Bruno comforts Gwendolyn.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1011

Bruno finds Gwendolyn crying. Gwendolyn tells him that she wants to hate him, but can’t as he stopped her from sending an innocent girl to prison. She goes on to say that she cared so much about punishing the guilty that she forgot it was also her job to protect the innocent. Bruno tells her that the case got under everyone’s skin and reminds her that he even lost his job because of it! Gwendolyn, however, says that she’ll speak to the commissioner and help get Bruno his job back. They leave to get a drink together.

Veena does some detective work!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1012

Veena arrives at Stan’s and tells him that she has figured out why he has been feeding her the biggest stories. Looking into his background, she discovered that he went to Oxford at the exact same time her mom became unexpectedly pregnant. She tells Stan that she’s realized that he is her father. Stan tells her that it’s true and that he was already back in the States when her mom told him she was pregnant. Too selfish, he said that he didn’t put up a fight when Veena’s mom suggested they live their separate lives. He goes on to say that he wanted to see Veena from the start, but lost his nerve and thought that it would be better if she got to know him before she found out that he was her father. Veena, however, tells him that she isn’t interested and leaves. Right as Veena leaves Stan yells out "if you weren't interested, you wouldn't have come to see me!".

Roz and Molly were in a relationship!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1013

Grace and Natalie are getting ready to leave for the airport. Grace is having trouble processing everything, but Natalie reminds her of the extremes people can go to when they’re desperate. Grace asks Natalie if they can stop by her old flat so she can get something to remind her of Molly. Later, Grace arrives at the flat and finds Roz watching a home video of her and Molly. In the video, Molly asks Roz if she still loves her and Roz replies that nothing would stop her loving Molly. Roz is watching the video and crying when Grace startles her by asking if Molly and Roz were in a relationship. Roz tells Grace that they were together, but that Molly wanted it to be their secret. She goes on to say how stupid Molly was for thinking that Prince Theo would call off the Royal wedding for her.

Grace puts everything together!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 10 Official Recap: What Did You Do? - 1014

Grace suddenly realizes that Roz wouldn’t have been able to stand the fact that Molly loved someone else, but that she wouldn’t have been able to kill her herself and so must have forced Luc to do it for her! She also realizes that Roz knew everything that happened at the Courtenay and so she would have known about Jessica Marshall and would have used that to blackmail Luc into killing Molly! Roz doesn’t deny Grace’s accusations, but rather admits that she couldn’t stand knowing that Molly loved someone other than her and that she needed her to be gone. Angry and extremely upset, Grace tells Roz that both Molly and Luc are dead because of her. Grace pushes Roz and they begin to fight. Grace picks up an ashtray and starts hitting Roz so hard that her blood spatters on Grace’s face. Natalie arrives and asks Grace "what did you do?" with a terrified look on her face. The last thing we see is Grace looking at Natalie, covered in Roz’s blood...

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