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Another video surfaces.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1001

Stan is sent a video in which we see Grace losing her temper with Molly after she receives a text from someone. Grace thinks that the video could have come from Stephanie - a girl who Grace and Molly once gave their travel vlogs to - and so Stan arranges to meet with her to ensure that the video is not released to the public. When Stan leaves, Natalie asks Grace who had been texting Molly. Grace reveals that it was only James wanting to get Molly's opinion on a birthday present for Grace, but Natalie remains suspicious that there was not more going on.

The police are getting nowhere.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1002

We’re then brought to Bruno’s flat where we see him and Gwendolyn in bed together. Back at the station, they keep a professional distance and discuss their progress on the case. Turns out, they’ve hardly progressed at all as they don’t know if Molly and Professor Linley had an affair, they still don’t know who the father of Molly’s baby is, and they are very far from making an arrest.

Molly worked at the Courtenay Club too?

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1003

Grace visits a storage unit of Molly’s and finds a necklace that is identical to the necklace Kaley has from the club. Patrick then arrives and after confronting Grace about whether she knew Molly, they settle down into conversation. Patrick spots the necklace in Grace’s hand and taking it, comments that he’s never seen it before. He then leaves, taking the necklace with him.

There's no one quite like Stan Gutterie!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1004

Natalie arrives at Stan’s flat, demanding that another lawyer should take over Molly’s case. After giving a list of possible lawyers, Stan shoots them down, saying that, at some point, they have all lost a case, whereas he has always won. Natalie reluctantly agrees.

The Linleys are brought in for questioning!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1005

Back at Scotland Yard, Professor Linley is being questioned by Bruno about his relationship with Molly. Linley claims that he didn’t ever sleep with Molly; that all he did was ask her for coffee, which she rejected. Bruno takes a DNA sample from him to determine whether he’s telling the truth or not. Meanwhile, Pike is questioning Beatrice, Linley’s wife, and despite being told about all the students her husband has had a relationship with, she keeps Linley’s alibi.

Grace worked at the Courtenay as well?!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1006

Grace visits Diablo where she bumps into Roz. She asks Roz if the Courtenay records anything that goes on there, worried that the press will dig up something else from her and Molly's past. Roz tells her to relax because she only worked in the club one time and that the clients know nothing about the girls. Grace suggests that Molly’s killer could perhaps be one of her clients, but Roz gets defensive and starts shouting that it was probably one of the strangers that she invited back to the flat that killed Molly. Later on once Grace has left, Finch – Roz’s boss – arrives and tells Roz that he needs the £20,000 that Kaley cost him.

Natalie plays detective once again!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1007

Grace and Natalie go out for lunch with James and they learn that, unknown to Grace, James was in London recently. He says that he didn’t tell Grace because he was with clients and had no time to meet up, but Natalie suspects he was seeing Molly. Later on, Natalie meets Derek who works for the American Embassy and she manages to manipulate him into getting James's passport records for her. With the records, Natalie finds out that James was lying about being in London the night Molly was killed. Natalie confronts James with this newfound information and James finally admits to having an affair with Molly, but Natalie is still suspicious that there is more to his story as James never admits when he's been lying. Afterwards, James meets with Stan and says that it is essential they find Molly’s phone before anyone else does. Later on, we see that it is actually Roz who has her phone!

Molly's memorial.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1008

Grace gives a moving speech at Molly’s memorial. Prince Theo watches from his car, but drives off soon after Grace finishes her speech. Gwendolyn tells Bruno that she is unconvinced by her display of tears, but Bruno is distracted by one of the photos on Molly’s shrine. From the angle, it is clear that it was taken through Molly’s bedroom window from another flat at the same height and so Bruno wonders if the photo belongs to Molly’s stalker. A reporter, Veena, then takes photos of Grace and Luc laughing and sharing a happy memory of Molly. These photos very quickly end up online where everyone is now calling Grace the ‘American Psycho’.

The police find something!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1009

Back at Scotland Yard, the cops find out that Linley’s prints are all over another dead girl, one who was thought to have committed suicide, giving them a reason to bring Linley back in for questioning.
Meanwhile, Kaley is back at the Courtenay where Finch blindfolds her and tells her that her next client is someone special. When she goes into the room, we find out that her next client is actually Prince Theo!

There's a shooting!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 2 Official Recap: American Psycho - 1010

With information provided by Veena, Patrick locates Linley’s cottage and breaks-in. Finding Linley, Patrick accuses him of getting Molly pregnant and then killing her. He starts to fight Linley, but is interrupted by Beatrice who comes in with a rifle. Pulling the trigger, she shoots – not Patrick – but her husband! Another shot is then heard, but it is unknown who was at the end of it.

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