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More webs are spun!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1001

The police are quick to arrive at Linley’s house where moments before, Beatrice shot her husband and Patrick. Back at the station, Beatrice is brought in for questioning. She tells Bruno that she walked in on Patrick beating up her husband and that when Patrick saw her, she thinks she might have shot him because he began to come towards her. After Bruno consoles Beatrice that she was only defending herself, she tells him that Patrick then took the gun and shot Linley. Bruno then asks Beatrice if she knew Hanna Reid, insinuating that Linley could have killed her. Beatrice defends her husband and tells Bruno that Hanna Reid had sent them a suicide note. She then leaves to go to the hospital to see Linley.

Dirty dealings!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1002

In Grace’s hotel room, Grace tortures herself by reading all the comments about her online. Since the whole world thinks she has killed Molly, she throws her phone in anger, which wakes up Natalie. Natalie comes into her room and takes the phone from her, urging her to sleep. In order to help, she gives Grace her sleeping pills. Meanwhile, Roz phones James, using a voice modifier to disguise herself. She tells him that she wants £30 000 or else she’ll send the photo of James’s illegal dealings - which she found on Molly's phone - to the police. Later on, James goes to Stan and urges him to fix the problem. Stan phones Roz and tells her that he will put the money on a specific bus at a specific time for her to collect.

Patrick's on the run!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1003

While the cops question Beatrice, we see Patrick running through a darkened forest. Later, he enters a shop and tries to steal some bandages and anti-septic cream, but the shopkeeper stops him. Grabbing his coat, the items fall out and so Patrick pushes the shopkeeper to the floor and makes a run for it. At Scotland Yard, the cops receive a phone call from the shopkeeper. The description matches Patrick’s and they are confused as to why he has not fled London. Pike then informs Bruno that they found Hanna’s suicide note in Linley’s house as well as a photo of Linley dated from the night that Molly was killed, making it impossible for him to have killed either of the girls. Meanwhile, back at Grace’s hotel room, Grace speaks to Luc about all the hateful comments online. Luc is worried about Grace and so wants to come over, but Grace tells him not to.

You can't hide from the cops - especially when you go to them for help!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1004

Patrick turns up at Gwendolyn’s house and tells her that he did not shoot Linley. Gwendolyn remains suspicious and so discreetly phones Bruno while getting a first aid kit for Patrick. When she helps get Patrick cleaned up, he tells her what really happened. Gwendolyn says that she believes him, but Patrick finds her phone and knows that she called the cops. He tries to run away, but the cops have already arrived by this time and so he is caught and taken to the station. Meanwhile, Natalie goes to Stan’s and asks if he could help her and Grace get back to the States. Stan says he will see what he can do.

Not another death!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1005

At Grace’s hotel room, Natalie finds Grace lying unconscious on the bathroom floor. Rushed to hospital, the doctors make it clear that she will need to get her stomach pumped. While Natalie waits to hear how Grace is doing, Veena Patel pretends to be a nurse to get some information out of her. Unaware, Natalie tells her that Grace took too many of her sleeping pills, but when Veena asks her if she thought Grace was feeling guilty about something, Natalie catches on that Veena is a reporter. Later on, Grace wakes up and tells Natalie that she did not mean to kill herself; that she only wanted to get some sleep and must have lost track of how many pills she took. She asks Natalie to get her a milkshake and when she leaves, Grace streams a live video, giving a moving speech about all the mistakes she’s made and asserting that she did not kill Molly.

Stan makes a loss!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1006

Stan places the bag of money under the designated seat on the designated bus and then sits elsewhere, waiting for the blackmailer to appear. A person who Roz has employed then gets on the bus and takes the bag. Stan stops him and asks for a name, but they are interrupted by a group of men who get on the bus and who steal both the money and Molly’s phone! Later on, we find out that Roz has also employed those men when we see them find her in Diablo and return both the phone and the money. Stan tells James that the phone is out of his blackmailers hands and so James believes that everything is sorted.

Patrick is cleared!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1007

Back at Scotland Yard, Bruno says that Patrick’s wound shows that he must have been shot from behind and that his fingerprints were not found anywhere on the gun. When Pike suggests he could have been wearing gloves, Bruno again defends Patrick by drawing attention to his bruised knuckles. The cops then realize that it must have been Beatrice who shot Patrick and Linley, and so rush out to find her! Meanwhile, we see Beatrice at the hospital. She enters Grace’s bedroom and wakes her up. She tells Grace that she killed Linley and with a syringe in her hand, it seems as though she will kill Grace as well. Grace asks Beatrice if she feels better now that she has killed her husband, but Beatrice says she does not. The cops then arrive at the hospital and discover that Linley is dead because someone messed with his respirators. The police then find Beatrice in Grace’s room and take her away.

What is Prince Theo up to?

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1008

At Buckingham Palace, Prince Theo tells Phillip of his fears that the public will find out about his relationship with Molly, but before much else can be said, Charlotte comes in. Later on, Bruno returns home to find Prince Theo cooking spaghetti in his kitchen! Confused, Bruno sits down to eat with the Prince and asks him why he is there. Prince Theo mentions the name, “Donovan Trimbly” and after claiming not to know him, Bruno asks the Prince what it is he wants from him.

Good news and bad news!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 3 Official Recap: Exit Wounds - 1009

At Scotland Yard, Gwendolyn tells Patrick that she now knows he was telling the truth about the shooting, but that he could still be charged for assault. Making a deal with him, she says that they will not press charges if Patrick promises to go back to Ireland. Patrick says he will. Meanwhile, Stan arrives at Natalie’s hotel to let her know that while they cannot go back to America, Grace’s publicity stunt has worked! We then see Grace enjoying all the lovely messages directed to her online.

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