Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan

Luc is released, but at what cost?!

The street is a dangerous place.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1001

Kaley is out walking at night when Finch pulls up beside her in his van and says he has something to show her. Pulling back the doors to the van, he reveals a very bloody and punched-up Mr. Purferoy. Finch then shoots Mr. Purferoy in front of Kaley and tells her that she will be next unless she can get him the missing ledger. Meanwhile, Grace and Natalie are letting off some steam on the dance floor of Diablo when Natalie gets a call from Stan. Stan tells Natalie that Luc is being interrogated by the police about Molly’s murder. After Natalie tells Grace, Grace admits that she is worried Gwendolyn will twist Luc’s words in order to get to her. At Scotland Yard, Gwendolyn tries to get Luc to admit that he and Grace killed Molly together.

Advice from a Prince.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1002

At Buckingham Palace, Charlotte returns from a press event. Prince Theo tells her that while he cannot save her from the spotlight, he can offer her a piece of advice. He suggests that she keeps one thing that’s hers alone, something that no one else knows about. Charlotte asks Prince Theo what his secret is but he playfully avoids telling her. Back at Diablo, Natalie calls Bruno to see if he can help Luc, but Bruno refuses since he is now off the case. Later, Roz tells Grace that she took Molly’s phone because she was scared of the police finding out about the Courtenay. She says that she found texts from Finch telling Molly that he was going to slit her throat. They ask Natalie to help them plant Molly’s phone in Finch’s car so that when they switch it on, the police trace the phone to him. After initially hesitating, Natalie agrees, hoping it will draw attention away from Grace.

A cry for help.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1003

Kaley arrives at Patrick’s houseboat and tells him what happened with Finch. She says that she must give the ledger back to him otherwise she and Patrick will both be killed. Later, Patrick asks Kaley if she knows who Gentleman 33 is, but Kaley says she doesn’t because she was always blindfolded when she was with him. Patrick says that he thinks Molly was pregnant with Gentleman 33’s baby and that he killed her to “take care of it”. He then says that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Kaley safe before they kiss. Meanwhile, Gwendolyn continues to question Luc until she is called out to the front of the station where she finds Stan. Stan requests to defend Luc, but Gwendolyn tells him that Luc has not asked for a lawyer and so he cannot help.

Prince Theo has a nightmare.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1004

Back at the palace, Prince Theo has a dream that Molly wants to keep his baby. Prince Theo gets angry with Molly before suddenly finding himself holding her dead body. He then wakes up screaming Molly’s name. Charlotte comforts him and asks him about Molly. Prince Theo tells her that she was a dog he befriended when he was younger, but that one day he found she had been killed by an animal. It seems as though Charlotte believes him, but later on, she tells Phillip that she knows about Molly. Because of Phillip’s shocked reaction, Charlotte learns that Molly is not a dog. At Scotland Yard, Bruno arrives and asks Gwendolyn if he can have a go at questioning Luc. Gwendolyn agrees so Bruno enters the interrogation room and tries to get Luc to admit he killed Molly alone.

Natalie strikes again!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1005

At Diablo, Natalie tries to get close to Finch while Grace waits outside by his car. She is approached by two girls who recognize her and she reluctantly agrees to take a selfie with them. Natalie, meanwhile, follows Finch to his office upstairs. They are in the middle of making out when the fire alarm goes off, which forces Finch to leave. Now alone, Natalie takes the opportunity to get Finch’s car keys from the pocket of his coat and opens his car from upstairs. After putting the keys back, she spots a camera. Following its cable she discovers a drawer that contains memory sticks that are labeled with the names of the different girls who work for Finch. She spots one that is labeled with Grace’s name just as she gets a message from Roz telling her that Finch is on his way back. She grabs the memory stick and makes a run for it. Outside, Grace turns Molly’s phone on and leaves it in Finch’s car. She waits for Natalie in a cab and the two manage to leave unscathed.

Bruno makes an awkward breakthrough!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1006

At Scotland Yard, Bruno asks Luc what woke him and Grace up when they were one the roof. Luc replies that it was the street sweeper. Bruno then says that the street sweeper passed their flat at 2:30, which means that Molly was still alive when Grace went downstairs. Under pressure, Luc finally admits that Grace was gone from the roof for about an hour. Ecstatic, Gwendolyn lets Bruno back on the case and tells him to go and arrest Grace. Stan arrives on the scene and learns what has happened. Meanwhile, Kaley gives Finch the ledger back and tells him who Patrick is and where he can find him. Finch and his men storm Patrick’s houseboat but Patrick has already left.

Grace is arrested.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 6 Official Recap: A Simple Plan - 1007

Back at the hotel, Natalie locks herself in the bathroom and plugs the memory stick that has been labeled with Grace’s name into her computer. On it, she finds a video of Grace performing a strip tease for Finch while saying, “Now do you like me better than Molly?”. Before she can confront Grace, she gets a call from Stan telling her that the police have issued a warrant for Grace’s arrest. Natalie tells Grace that the police managed to get to Luc and that they are on their way. Shortly after, Bruno arrives on the scene and escorts a distraught Grace to the station.

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