Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace

A puppy, a twist, and another death - could you ask for more?!

Gwendolyn's feeling confident!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1001

Gwendolyn gives a speech about how the overwhelming evidence against Grace makes her confident that she is Molly’s killer. Meanwhile, a distraught Grace is admitted to prison. At Buckingham Palace, Charlotte gives Prince Theo a puppy and suggests that they call her ‘Molly’.

More suspects?

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1002

Natalie arrives at Stan’s flat and tells him that Molly was a prostitute. Stan is happy because this opens the door to a whole range of different suspects, but Natalie still believes that Finch is the killer. Natalie then tells Stan about the memory stick she found of Grace auditioning for the Courtenay. Without even looking at what is on it, Stan destroys the memory stick. At Scotland Yard, Bruno tells Gwendolyn that Finch was arrested in connection with Molly’s murder. Gwendolyn is furious that two people have been arrested for the same murder as it will cast reasonable doubt for both of them. Gwendolyn is also worried that she misjudged Grace, but Bruno assures her she had solid evidence against her.

Natalie visits Grace in prison.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1003

Natalie tells Grace that she knows about her working at the Courtenay, but Grace insists that she was only there for one night. Grace then tells Natalie that Luc wasn’t lying when he said that she was gone from the roof for an hour the night Molly was killed. She said that she blacked out and cannot remember what she did once she left the roof. Natalie is sure that she must have just gone to the toilet and passed out, but Grace tells her that she was furious with Molly that night because she saw her with Luc, and that she is worried she snapped and killed her.

Unexpected meetings.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1004

Stan meets with Veena and tells her about how Molly used to be an escort. He wants her to write about the Courtenay in order to draw attention away from Grace, but Veena says that she won’t write anything without hard proof. Meanwhile, Natalie is researching ‘diminished responsibility’ when James arrives at her door. Natalie lets him in and tells him about Grace, suggesting that he should go and visit her in prison. Later on, Roz supplies Luc with more drugs. He is upset because Grace doesn’t want to see him and he is worried that she will go down because of him.

More questioning!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1005

Bruno is questioning Finch at Scotland Yard. When asked about the violent texts he sent to Molly, Finch explains that he was angry with her for unexpectedly quitting work, but that he didn’t murder her. When then asked about the phone, Finch tells him about the “sexy, red-headed, American girl” from the night before. Afterwards, Bruno discovers that Finch couldn’t have killed Molly because they find CCTV footage of him at Diablo not long after the time that Molly was killed. D.S. Pike then reveals footage of Grace planting Molly’s phone in Finch’s car. Bruno finally realizes that Grace could be guilty.

Grace is welcomed into prison life.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1006

In prison, Grace is given 10 minutes to shower. She is washing herself at a sink when she is approached by three other inmates. They ask her if she thinks she is too good to shower with them and then grab her head and hold it under the water in her sink. Meanwhile, Bruno visits Natalie and tells her that she could be done for helping Grace plant Molly’s phone in Finch’s car. Speaking hypothetically, Natalie tells Bruno that she thought the phone was already in Finch’s car and that all Grace was going to do was turn it on. Bruno tells Natalie that Grace has been using her and that she needs to wake up and see Grace for who she really is.

Kaley's going solo.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1007

At the Courtenay, Roz tells Kaley that it’s not a good idea for her to still be working there since the whole business with the stolen ledger, but Kaley tells Roz that she knows how to handle Finch. As she goes up the stairs to ‘Gentleman 33’, Roz tells her that she should watch herself. Later on, Kaley is with Prince Theo in the bedroom. She tries to get a look at his face under her blindfold, but Prince Theo catches her in the mirror. Prince Theo is angry, but Kaley asserts her own dominance and demands that he unties her from the bed. Prince Theo obeys and tells her that she reminds him of someone he used to enjoy spending time with.

James pays Grace a visit.

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1008

James visits Grace in prison and tells her that he feels guilty for not being there for her more. Grace assures him that he has always been there for her and tells him that she is really scared. To comfort her, James sings her a song. Meanwhile, Natalie arrives at Stan’s flat and tells him that she can no longer defend Grace. She’s sure that Grace tricked both her and Roz, but Stan thinks that Roz could have been the one who took Molly’s phone. Natalie disagrees, asserting that Grace is a liar and a “full-blown sociopath”. Stan says she will never be able to forgive herself if she does not help Grace.

A quick learner?

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1009

Grace is trying to sleep when another inmate approaches her bunk. The inmate tells Grace that she must learn to protect herself. The next day, Grace washes herself at a sink again. The three inmates who held her head under water the last time, approach her once more. They make a move to grab her, but before they can, Grace stabs herself in the abdomen. Later on, she wakes up in hospital. A prison guard named Josh asks her to fill in an incident report, but when he asks who stabbed her, Grace replies that she didn’t see her face. Josh figures that Grace doesn't want rat anyone out to be safe and commends her on being a quick learner. He assures he that she will be safe in the prison hospital while she is healing up.

James gets a scare!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1010

James is in his hotel room when he spots a message on his mirror from the Russian criminals he has had dealings with. He leaves for Stan’s and tells him that the Russian criminals will kill him if loose ends are not tied up. He suggests that Grace should plead voluntary manslaughter, but Stan says he will not let Grace plead guilty and that he will defend her pro-bono if he needs to.

Stan gets his own back on Roz!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1011

Stan is waiting outside Roz’s flat when she returns home from work. He has figured out that Grace would never blackmail James, meaning that Roz must have been the one who had Molly’s phone. He gives her another phone and tells her that when it rings, Roz must answer it and tell Veena everything there is to know about the Courtenay, otherwise he will tell the Russian criminals that Roz was the one behind the exposure of their operation. Patrick, meanwhile, meets Kaley and asks her if she managed to get a look at the face of ‘Gentleman 33’, but we do not see what Kaley’s answer is.

Neville reveals a secret!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1012

Back at Scotland Yard, Bruno and Pike are looking through the photos on Molly’s phone when they a discover a photo of her with another woman who had gone missing the year before. They wonder if she’s connected with the Courtney. Natalie, meanwhile, visits Neville to ask him if he wanted to hurt Grace because he knew she killed Molly. Neville, however, replies that he knows Grace didn’t kill Molly and so Natalie asks him if he saw someone else do it. Neville doesn’t want to say – his mom said he wasn’t allowed – but Natalie coaxes him and eventually, he reveals that he saw Prince Theo standing over Molly, holding a bloody knife!

Another death?!

Guilt - Guilt Episode 7 Official Recap: A Fall From Grace - 1013

Outside Roz’s flat, Roz is disposing of items that could link her to the Courtenay when Finch approaches her. He suspects that she has had something to do with the missing ledger, Molly’s phone and the exposure of the club and so he takes out his gun to shoot her. Roz is terrified, but just as Finch is about to pull the trigger, Kaley arrives out of nowhere and hits him over the head with a large, heavy object. The last thing we see is Finch lying lifeless on the ground…

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