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Guilt - Meet Stan Gutterie - 1002

His name's Stan Gutterie. And I'm the lucky Joe who gets to play him.

He's the guy you call when you did what you weren't supposed to, or you didn't and someone thinks you did. Someone who might want you to spend a little time as a guest of the state in a darker place than you probably went to find yourself in this pickle.

He's not your friend. He's not your baby sitter. He's your defense attorney and you will come clean with more to him than you would your BFF, your mom, or yourself.

But don't worry, the truth is not his business. Your freedom is.

Enter one Grace Atwood. Stan's new client. She's a kid from the States far from home who can't remember why the blood of her butchered roommate is on her feet and everyone thinks she had something to do with it. Her drugged out French painter boyfriend or the London underground kids partying at their place while this brutal crime was committed aren't much help either. The local cops and prosecutor are pretty set on seeing Grace take the fall. This comes as not the best welcome package for her sister Natalie, a prosecutor from the U.S. who was expecting to take her kid sister home from all this unpleasantness. She's tough, smart, and conveniently easy on the eyes, but I'm digressing. She's not hip to Stan's tactics, or charms, but she'll come round. And so will you, trust me. Once you dip your toe into this pool, you won't want to come out until you find out who killed Molly Ryan. Sure Stan wants to know too, but like the growing list of suspects guilty of something, you are going to get caught up as well. Don't panic. Now you know who to call. Stan's got your back. But ask yourself first, what are you guilty of?

-Billy Zane

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