OMG! Did The Prince Really Do It? Check Out These New Sneak Peeks Now!

How much longer can Prince Theo last until everybody knows the truth?

If you can't possibly wait until tonight for your weekly episode of Guilt then you can catch 3 brilliant sneak peeks right here!

1. Charlotte is beginning to seriously suspect her fiancé of murder.

Has Charlotte really uncovered Prince Theo's secret?

2. Natalie tries to convince Bruno to help her build evidence against Prince Theo!

How will this conflict with Bruno's connections with Prince Theo?

3. Grace is being put under hypnosis with the hope that she'll remember what happened on the night of Molly's murder.

Was Molly's flirtatious behavior with Luc enough to send Grace over the edge?

Which sneak peek has left you wanting more Guilt?

Tell us in the comments below!

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