#StanSundays OR #MollyMonday

Billy Zane gives us the inside scoop on Episode 6 of Guilt!

Guilt - #StanSundays OR #MollyMonday - 1001

I was so blindsided and dumbstruck by Luc's unwitting, further implication of Grace under questioning, and the seeming bottomless treachery of Finch, my Stan Sunday became Molly Monday! I'm back, and just under the wire. What a twist of events! Kaley giving up Patrick, Prince Theo giving up Molly in his sleep, Luc not giving up drugs, Natalie could give up her day job, she dances so well, Stan, simply not giving up. If only Grace gave up digging deeper holes for herself.

Tune in tonight to see how she crawls out of this one, and everyone else get what's coming to them.

Guilt out, trippers.

-Billy Zane

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