Get To Know Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph, The Stars Of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

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The show follows two young people as they discover their newly awakened powers. Start watching the latest episodes, and get to know the stars, Aubrey and Olivia, with our social round up below.

1. They’re both huge Marvel fans.

Nobody geeks out harder than our Cloak & Dagger stars.

2. Olivia struggled to contain her excitement at the Avengers: Infinity War premiere.

She still played it a lot cooler than we would have.

3. Aubrey seriously upped his comic book cred with this tweet:

Yup, that's the original comic in which Cloak and Dagger first appeared.

4. They met Chadwick Boseman and kept their cool.

At least on the outside.

5. They also met Chewbacca and it was everything.

He was incredibly supportive of the dynamic duo.

6. Did we mention that they've also met Jeph Loeb?

7. Aubrey was super impatient for the June 7 premiere.

when you wake up & it’s still not June 7th... 😑

A post shared by Aubrey Joseph 🌐 (@aubreyomari) on

We felt the same way, and now we feel it every week while we're waiting to watch the next episode!

8. Olivia is the proud owner of these adorable doggies.

My forever babies ♡

A post shared by olivia holt (@olivia_holt) on

We didn't know we could love Olivia more, but here we are. 😍🐶

9. Aubrey portrayed everyone’s favorite lion cub, Simba, in the Broadway musical of The Lion King.

where it all started

A post shared by Aubrey Joseph 🌐 (@aubreyomari) on

Circle of life.

10. He’s also had roles in several short films and has teased big things on the way for his music career.

throwback 💡💡

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We'd buy his album, no questions asked.

11. Olivia previously starred as Kim Crawford on Kickin’ It, a Disney XD comedy about martial arts.

Ladies and gentlemen.. We're back. #seasonthree

A post shared by olivia holt (@olivia_holt) on

You've also seen her star in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Girl vs. Monster and the hilarious Disney Channel sitcom, I Didn’t Do It. She also voiced Spider-Girl in a special episode of Ultimate Spider-Man.

12. Olivia’s music career is currently in the stratosphere, with over 150 million listens on Spotify.

#Generous. Have you listened yet? ( link in bio ) 🥀

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Check out the music video for Generous here.

13. Aubrey's hidden talent is that he's got a real eye for R&B album covers.

We'd name this, "Cloaked in Bed Sheets."

14. And Olivia’s so good at gymnastics she can actually fly.

Rare pic of me, ready to fight hurricane nate, with a shopping bag of course

A post shared by olivia holt (@olivia_holt) on

For real though, Olivia is actually a trained gymnast. We're not 100% on the flying part.

15. To be honest, they’re basically both living their best Marvel lives right now.

✨ pt. 1

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And we love them so much!

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