17 Super Important PLL Squad Moments You Cannot Miss This Week!

Don't worry, we've gathered them all together here for you!

1. It's the start of a brand new week!

Eyes closed #Monday

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And the PLL squad is ready for Episode 5!

2. The last few episodes have been pretty intense...

Yum 😝 @huwcollins

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Poor Elliott!

3. Emotional rollercoasters...


4. Completely filled with twists and turns!

Who gets the proposal? πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’#Haleb #spaleb #Ezria #emmison #pll

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Oh the suspense!

5. But in between filming the cast have been having a lot of fun!


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Janel looks so beautiful here!

6. Tammin was thrilled to be back with her PLL family!

Not as excited as we were to see her again!

7. While Andrea was missing some of the old squad!

If only there were a way to bring her back!

8. The PLL Bros were hanging out!

Happy #PLLDay from our squad and my resting bitch face πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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Keep it real, boys.

9. Going for hikes...

He's too excited. Had a blast on the hike today sir. @keeoone

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Strike a pose.

10. And even walking their dogs together!

Nothing like a bromantic dog-walk through the forest @ianmharding

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The bromance is strong with these two.

11. Lucy was spending quality time with her puppy!

One more day in 🌴🍍🐚

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They both look absolutely adorable!

12. Ashley was enjoying the beauty of nature!

Never been so happy with my β˜•οΈ in Central Park πŸ“Έ @izakr

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It's the little things...

13. Troian was letting her hair down!

Tonight. New episode of @prettylittleliars #pll - don't miss it

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14. While Emison came together for a worthy cause!

Sexiest ladies in the world!

15. Behind the scenes there were some good times...

Behind the scenes from 7x04 πŸ’˜ with @sleepinthegardn

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16. And some less good times!

Turns out karma really is a bitch... #riprollins #pll @sashapieterse27 @prettylittleliars @freeform

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17. We love the PLL Squad so much!

Seven years ago on a break from the pilot #PLL

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And we cannot wait for Tuesday!

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