Discover Every Track From The S7E14 Soundtrack In The Official PLL Music Guide

This week's episode was seriously intense.

If, like us, you just can't wait for next week's episode, you can always relive the magic with the official S7E14 music guide. Or you could even rewatch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14, now available to stream on Freeform.

1. Ezra and Aria have a difficult conversation about Nicole after her unexpected appearance in their apartment.

While the couple's future together becomes more uncertain, 'Don't Let Me Go (Acoustic)' by RAIGN plays to emphasize all the tension.

2. While Hanna is on the phone with Lucas she tries to assure him that everything's fine, but then confesses her worries about A.D. to Emily.

'Someday' by Banta plays while Emily tries to calm Hanna's nerves.

3. Ezra and Aria finally sit down to have a real conversation about Nicole.

Ezra gives Aria all the reassurance she's been needing while 'She's Broken' by Billie Eilish plays in The Brew.

4. Paige and Emily make a big decision just like they did in school -- by racing for it.

'My Love' by The Bird and the Bee plays while the pair share a sweet reunion.

5. A.D.'s gameboard makes a surprising decision on who will be the next player.

'Devil Devil' by MILCK helps bring the episode to an explosive climax.

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