#FBF: The Women of Rosewood Now And Then!

The Liars aren't the only ones who've changed over the years!

1. Ashley Marin

We were so happy to see Hanna's gorgeous mom feeling so happy in Season 6!

2. Jenna Marshall

Jenna has always seemed shadey, even if she doesn't have her glasses on!

3. Ella Montgomery

The ever feisty Ella has never stopped looking out for her kids!

4. Paige McCullers

We love how easily Paige can rock different styles!

5. Pam Fields

Poor Pam always seems to be worrying about Emily!

6. Melissa Hastings

Spencer's big sis has always been totally poised and glam!

7. Veronica Hastings

We love how Veronica has transformed from small town lawyer to Senator Hastings!

Which of our beautiful Rosewood women has changed the most over the years?

Who did you vote for? Let us know in the comments!

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