FINALE! Live Social Chat with the Cast: Follow Along!

The cast is here to watch the finale and tweet their hearts out together.

Stay Tuned for a Live Video Chat with Marlene King! Starting Shortly! Right here!

You should see the cast shouting at Marlene!

This is incredibly disturbing!

Who is she?!

You guys! You guys!

Marlene King is going to participate in a Facebook Live Chat right after this episode! And reveal some awesome stuff about what's coming next! It'll happen right here in this article! 

Wait, what?

She really is.

Another music note!

The room really did cheer.

Go nuts, team.

This is really heartbreaking!


Legit happened.

So, that happened.

Marlene's Mom!

For real. Everyone's screaming in this room.


Music notes!

This was sort of epic.


More music notes!


Also this is adorable.

It's a lot of history.

Serious about it.


Everyone's adorable!

Janel's feelings on the time jump.

Seriously the whole room jumped.

The credits: crazy iconic!

Music note!

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