Find All The Best Tunes In The Official PLL Season 7 Episode 16 Music Guide

All the tracks are here, and they're amazing 🎵

From Aria's role in A.D.'s game to the truth about Lucas' connection to Charlotte, we were right on the edge of our seats for the entire episode! And it was made even better by the absolutely amazing tunes on the soundtrack. Listen to them all again in our music guide below and rewatch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 16 to relive every dramatic moment.

1. Jillian gives Ezra some difficult news about his book tour.

'Who Saved Who' by Mindy Smith & Matthew Perryman Jones plays while Jillian asks Ezra why he couldn't wait until after the book launch to get engaged to Aria.

2. Caleb opens a suspicious file on the hard drive A.D. made Hanna collect.

Rather than a virus or some sort of deadly trap, it's a recording of 'You Belong To Me' by Patsy Cline -- which is somehow even creepier.

3. Forced to do A.D.'s dirty work, Aria replaces the mobile in Alison and Emily's nursery with a creepy version featuring all the Liars.

And while Aria struggles with doing something so cruel to her friends, the musical chimes of 'Cinderella' by Brad Hatfield make the scene even more eerie.

4. Alison finally admits how she feels for Emily. Aria breaks down after being reminded of what she did to her friends.

'Some Devil' by Dave Matthews plays while Emison share a kiss and Aria is confronted with the enormity of the terrible deeds she's committed for A.D.

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