From Rio To Rosewood: TBT To Simone Biles' Incredible Week Of Wins!

We're still celebrating!

Shay Mitchell had a special message for Simone Biles, the unstoppable gymnast, when she discovered that PLL was one of her favorite shows!

I. Marlene King then gave Simone, and the rest of the Final Five, an incredible offer to come and check out the PLL set!

Simone responded with a resounding YES!

Yay, we're so excited!

All of us here at couldn't be prouder of Team USA!

Our very own Peter Hastings, aka Nolan North, compared the Hastings' household to the Olympic podium.

Well the Hastings family do strive for perfection at all times, Nolan's not wrong there!

The cutest tweet award went to our tiny, but mighty, Lucy Hale.

This girl's definitely struck gold!

Do you think Simone Biles will play a cameo role in PLL? Let us know your theories below.

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