I. Marlene King Has Been Teasing Us With Super Exciting Lines From The PLL Finale!

Wedding vows, the cops, Spoby. And, of course, a strong dose of peril!

Does this mean that Spencer is going to be okay? Why are the cops calling Alison? We have TOO many questions!

Who recognizes which girl Toby is speaking about here? It's literally one of our favorite lines ever.

But does that mean Toby's alive? Or is this a dream sequence or flashback???

We're so excited about seeing a PLL wedding! But who will be saying "I do"?

Ezria or Haleb or another couple entirely?

We can't have a PLL finale without some terror thrown in for good measure!

We're definitely not crying our eyes out right now, it's totally allergies.

April cannot come quickly enough.

We're so excited!

Who do you think is worried about doing an "ugly cry"? Let us know your theories below.

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