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Episode 9 is here!!!

Are you ready to find out what Hanna is planning?

Ashley's ready for it!

And she knows what's on Hanna's mind!

Are you with Hanna? Do you think Noel is A.D.? Or is it someone else?

Hanna, what are you planning?

And why does it sound dangerous?

What is up with this wild goose chase A.D. is leading the police on?

How on earth did A.D. convince the police that Archer is in France?

What do you think of Marco?

Are you Team Sparco? Should Spencer take Marco up on his breakfast idea?

Is Noel mixing murder... and pastries?

Why is it that Noel seems to be in everyone's business lately???

Are you sensing sparks between Aria and Jason?

Well this is suspicious...

What is Noel doing with Sara Harvey's phone?

Is our girl safe tailing Noel?

How adorable is Ashley?

She's got the spy moves down!

Who do you think is going to get the coach job?

We like this idea!

Are your jaws on the floor?

Or did you totally know that Aria and Jason had been a couple?

They're definitely a pretty couple!

So much great hair.

Are you getting Paily feels?

Emily is sharing things with Paige she isn't with Sabrina...

What is Hanna doing buying pills?

Is she really planning to drug Noel?

What do you think Hanna is planning?

And will she be successful?

The evidence sure is stacking up against Noel Kahn...

Are you wishing we'd gotten a chance to see more of Aria and Jason?

Would you have rooted for them as a couple?

7 seasons and Spencer has gotten good at break ins!

It's a skill.

Blast from the past!

Noel was in the Dollhouse!!!

Is your mind blown???

Things sure aren't looking good for Noel.

Looks like Noel was a very bad boy...

It's go time for Hanna's plan!

Do you think she'll succeed?

Will Emily and Sabrina's relationship be able to weather all these secrets?

Hanna is definitely tough! But can she really take on Noel Kahn?

Ashley definitely seems to be enjoying getting to explore Hanna's dark side!

Hanna is not playing.

Is Noel going to fall for Hanna's ruse?

Do you think he'll drink that beer?

Go, Hanna, go!

We are cheering our girl on!

Noel figured it out!

AND threatened Hanna. We're definitely getting evil vibes off him!

And now we're scared for Spencer!

This video from the Dollhouse coupled with the dark and stormy night is terrifying!

Do you think something is going to happen between Aria and Jason?

Do you think Jason is still in love with Aria?

It definitely seems like he has feelings for her...


Truer words were never typed.

Who do you think stole the flash drive?

Was it Noel?

Is your shipper heart torn?

Are you Team Ezria or Jaria?

Jason's comment about Aria was totally the sweetest!

Is there hope for Sparco?

What do you think of Aria's theory?

Was Noel really Mary's second baby?

Hanna is not messing around!

She got Noel after all! But what is she planning for him?

Thanks for watching with us, PLL Squad!

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