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Are you ready for Episode 2, #PLLSquad? See how the Twitterverse reacts to Bedlam here!

Are you ready for episode 2???

Huw certainly is!

Everyone is relieved Hanna is safe!

What's going on with Spaleb?

We are worried about Ali--and so is Brendan!!

Anyone else getting nostalgic?

Is this really the end for Aria and Liam?

Twist!! Liam is still working on the book.

That could be awkward...

Definitely a complicated situation...

How do you feel about the breakup? Are you Team Ezra or Team Liam?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Speaking of couples, how about Hanna and Jordan?

Is Jordan winning you over in this flashback?

Kind of a meet cute for sure!

Spencer vs. Elliott!

We think Hanna looks stunning, too!

Is it just us, or are things a little awkward between Ezra and Liam?

BTW, how sweet is Brendan's answer to what he thinks Lucas's best quality is?

We love Lucas and Hanna's friendship, too!

HMMMM!! Do you trust Mary Drake?

Mary Drake has her fans!

Did Mary Drake's story move you?

Do you believe Mary is telling the truth?

Two break ups in one episode???

First Aria and Liam, now Hanna and Jordan!

What do you think about Hanna breaking up with Jordan? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Ack, we are worried about Ali!

Do you think Emily will figure out that Mary Drake and Elliott are working together?

And will it be in time to #SaveAli???

What's happening to Ali???

So much suspense! What's going to happen with Spencer and Caleb? And the Liars save Alison?

Thanks for watching with us, #PLLSquad! Be sure to come back next week for episode 3!

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