LIVE NOW! Don't Miss A Single Twist As We Watch Episode 7!

Will the Liars unmask A.D.? Or will A.D. stay one step ahead of them? We're on the edge of our seats!!

Are you ready for episode 7??? Look who's coming back tonight!

It's always so good to see Mrs. Fields!

Of course, Mrs. Fields isn't the only familiar face showing up tonight!

We can't argue with Shay!

Don't you just hate it when A.D. ruins brunch?

Ugh, the worst!

Still, no matter what, we love seeing these five together!

So much love for our favorite Liars!

Why do you think Sara Harvey was killed?

And who do you think did it?

Jenna just can't seem to let go of Toby!

Jason is back!

What do you think of his new look?

Jason wants Mary gone!

Are you on his side? Or has Mary won you over?

How excited are we about this wedding???

What kind of wedding do you envision for Ezria?

What do you think of Ezra's plan?

Are you for an elopement or an elaborate wedding for Ezria?

This is an interesting theory!

Was it Jenna that hurt Yvonne? Or A.D.?

How are you feeling about Noel Kahn?

What is he up to? Could he really be A.D.?

Oh wow! Did something happen between Aria and Jason?


Caleb is a man of many talents!

Noel appears to be up to no good!

Did you catch this Haleb moment?

They're both single again...

Well, this isn't quite the quiet birthday Mrs. Fields was hoping for...

Sounds like the love is strong with Shay and Nia, just like it is with Emily and Mrs. Fields!

We love these two!!

Spencer has a point...

But maybe they should leave that out of the Rosewood travel literature!

It definitely can't be easy for Yvonne!

It's great to see Pam having a little fun!

She definitely deserves it.

How about that flashback???

Cool to learn what was happening in Jessica's house all these years later!

Is the Ezria wedding about to happen?

Emily makes a good point!

Did Toby's confession about the house break you, too?

It hit us right in the feels!

Poor Spencer! Her love life is taking a beating this season!

Do you think this is really the end for Spoby?

Will Toby really leave Rosewood with Yvonne?

Who are we to argue with Hanna?

This girl is always gorgeous!

Charlotte had a sibling?

Shocker! Who could it be?

Did your jaw drop, too?

What does this mean for Ezria's elopement plans?

Are you still reeling from this episode?

What shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for watching with us!

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