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Are you ready for the new episode, PLLSquad?

We want to find out what Sparia are up to!

The gang's all here!

Did Hanna's comment about Noel crack you up?

We were LOLing!!!


Thank goodness it was a dream! Our hearts are still pounding!

Are you getting Haleb feels?

Because we totally are.

How are you feeling about Nicole possibly being alive?

And what will it mean for Ezria?

Ezra did not look happy about Aria not telling him about Nicole's call.

Will he forgive her?

Did that scene creep you out as much as it did Alison?

We got chills!

What do you think about the idea of Emison being back together at Rosewood High?

Are you getting Emison feels?

We love these two!

Will Spencer and Aria be able to track down Dr. Cochran Sr.?

Is there anything Team Sparia can't do?


Our jaws dropped!

It's been a while since we've seen those eyes!

Are you nervous about what Mrs. Grunwald has to tell Hanna?

We are...

Are you happy to see Mrs. Grunwald again?

Mrs. Grunwald does have a good point!

It's not like Radley was the most peaceful place before its makeover.

Would you like to take Alison's class?

Alison's killing this Shakespeare lesson!

Well if Hanna was suspecting Noel before...

Now she's got to be doubly suspicious!

Do you think Noel is really A.D.?

And if so, was he really the one who tortured Hanna?

Mrs. Grunwald sure made an impression!

We love her, too.

Despite the freakiness in her classroom earlier, Alison is killing it!

We think she's ready to be back! What about you?

Do you think Hanna is right that Noel is A.D.?

She makes a convincing argument.

Sparia are not messing around!

They are going to find out the truth about Mary Drake's other baby.

Spencer totally had us LOLing with this line!

That girl is sharp!

Well there's a familiar face!

Paige! Are you as surprised as Emily is?

Whoa! Here's a theory...

Could Paige actually be Mary Drake's other child???

Do you sense a love triangle coming on?

Are you Team #Emison or #Paily? Let us know in the comments!

Is this scene giving you Paily feels?

Or are you firmly in another camp?

Are you scared for Ali?


Poor Aria and Ezra!

All the feels!

What is Hanna doing???

And are you worried about her?

And who do you think was on the other end of that call?

Drop your theory in the comment!

Haleb feels!

But what is Hanna up to?

Did Aria and Ezra's goodbye kill you?

We can't bear to see the strain between these two!

How beautiful is Aria's wedding dress???

We have to see her in it!

Are you worried about Hanna?

Do you think she's going to get into trouble?

Thanks for watching with us!

Be sure to come back next week to find out what Hanna is up to!

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