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It's finally time!

Ashley is in suspense, too!

The scene in the bell tower has Shay on edge!

Hanna's alive!! But the PLLs only have 24 hours to save her! Can they do it???

This moment shook us too... what a ruse! A.D. means business!

Fans are hoping the Liars will #SaveHanna!

Could Alison really have killed Charlotte?

Ashley is concerned for Alison, too...

Is this marriage in trouble or what?

But Ezria are getting closer and we love it!

We got to see Hanna! But it looks like she's in serious danger...

People are rooting for #Emison!

Just look at these two!! #Emison

Is Mary Drake scaring you, too?

No one trusts Mary Drake!

We are totally feeling #Ezria!

Our hearts are breaking for Emily!

And for Hanna when she dreamed about Spencer!

The scene got to Huw, too!

These two!!

Troian loved this scene as much as we do!

That #Emison flashback was everything!!!

We are so worried about Hanna!

Thanks for watching the season 7 premiere with us!

And Ashley is hooked on Guilt, too! Check out the first two episodes right now on Freeform!

Tune in next week to find out what's next for the Liars!

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