LIVE NOW! The PLL Finale Is Here! Watch All The Jaw-Dropping Action With Us Now!

Are you ready for the "most spectacular" death the show has ever done, PLL Squad?

Are you ready for the explosive finale?

It looks like Keegan is!

Do you have any theories about who the #PLLDeath is going to be?

We are worried about literally EVERYONE.

Anyone feeling bad for Noel?

Nope. We didn't think so.

Hanna is NOT messing around.

How do these ladies look so fabulous even when in the gravest of danger?


Be sure to listen for The Sweeplings' gorgeous song "In Too Deep" later in the episode!

It's amazing!

Do you think Nicole is alive?

And if so, what will it mean for Ezria?

Who do you call in an emergency?

Mona, obviously.

Did Ali's questions about Paige totally give you Emison vibes?

It definitely seems like Ali does NOT want Paige back in Emily's life.

Mona versus Jenna!

We love seeing these two square off.

WHOA!! What did Caleb just say?

We got chills!

Haleb fans!! Are you losing it right now???

We are!

Alison is pregnant!

Is your jaw on the ground?

Check out the amazing "In Too Deep" by The Sweeplings!

Wow, Haleb IS happening!!!

Whoa! Shay was not lying when she said this!

An Emison reunion!

Our shipper hearts are going to explode!

And apparently so is Keegan's.

Emison and Haleb all in a few short minutes!

We are over the moon!

But our hearts are breaking for Aria!

Is Toby really leaving Rosewood for good?

Is this the end of Spoby?

Is this truly the end of Spoby?

We are crying.

Is Paige making a play for Emily?

Are you Team Emison or Paily?

Another jaw-dropper!

Did you think Noel was Mary's second child? And if he's not... who is???

Noel is free!

But how???

Jenna pulled a fast one on Toby and Mona!

Were you shocked to see Sydney?

What is Mary doing there?

Why is she hiding in the shadows?

It wouldn't be PLL without creepy dolls of some kind!

Huw Collins is taking some credit for Emison's reunion!

Hmmmmm. What do you think?

Jenna and Noel? This is getting too intense!


Well, that might not have been the best thing for him to have in retrospect.

We. Are. Reeling.

Noel beheaded, Spencer shot... the OMG moments keep coming!

Spencer is Mary's daughter???

No way!!!

Spencer shot, Toby and Yvonne in a car accident... this episode of PLL was BRUTAL!

Are you still reeling? Do you think they will survive?

It's going to be a long wait until April 2017!

Maaaybe we'll be recovered emotionally by then... maybe?

Thanks for watching the crazy intense PLL summer finale with us!

Be sure to come back to discuss the episode with us, share your theories, and talk about your favorite ships!

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