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Are you ready #PLLSquad?

Look who's joining us!

Looks like Hanna isn't telling her friends that her engagement is off!

Guessing her real ring was worth a bit more!

Poor Alison!

She really gave it her all!

Huw loved that scene!

Even if we were actually cheering Ali on!

Emily took a chance! But Sabrina shot her down.

How do you feel about these two?

Toby and Yvonne are engaged!?!?

Does this mean the end of Spoby for good?

They are REALLY cute together!

Look at that ring!

Dr. Freedman got fooled by Elliott!

Not our Liars, though!

Is Alison really doing better?

Huw wants us to believe she is!

Yikes! Caleb came clean about his kiss with Hanna.

But what will Spencer do?

The Liars are determined to find out what's going on with Elliott!

What do you think they'll discover?

Elliott vs. Spencer and Hanna!

Does the good doctor stand a chance?

Check out this cute behind-the-scenes pic from Kara!

How adorable are she and Troian?

Fans agree... Emily's Radley uniform is on point!

Admit it... you're kind of tempted to rock suspenders, aren't you?

Poor Emily!

She's really trying with Sabrina, but it looks like she struck out... again.

What's with these dolls?

Charlotte had dolls that look like the Liars... and are named after them, too!

The Liars are starting to put things together!

Is the game up for Elliott? Huw is nervous...

Those dolls are definitely making an impression!

Charlotte even has power from the grave over the Liars!

Looks like Emily has a shot with Sabrina after all!

What do you think of the prospect of these two going on a date?

Poor Hanna!

She's flashing back to her kidnapping.

Is your heart breaking for Spencer?

Huw wants to know if you think they'll be able to make things work!

Emily crashes Toby and Yvonne's engagement party!

Poor Yvonne!

Uh oh! Elliott is onto the Liars!

What's he going to do???

Where is Elliott taking Alison?

We're scared for her! #SaveAli

Kara agrees that Elliott is up to no good!

Does Elliott scare you, too?

Why is Toby choosing research over his fiancee?

C'mon, Toby! Look how gorgeous she looks!

Run, Ali, run!

Will she escape???

Whoa!!!! ELLIOTT!!!

Can you believe he's dead? #riprollins

We're reeling!!!

What a way to go!

Thanks for watching with us!

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