LIVE NOW! Watch Episode 6 With Us To Find Out If Aria Has An Answer For Ezra!

We are dying to find out the answer to the #PLLProposal!

So you may have heard that there was a #PLLProposal in Episode 5...

Or maybe you've seen the scene once or twice.

So are you ready, PLLSquad?

Yikes... are things awkward between Aria and Ezra?

And what does it mean???

Are you shipping Spencer and Marco?

Who can forget that steamy elevator hook up?

Wait a minute!! Who just called Hanna???

Could that really be Rollins???

Elliott IS dead... right?

Oh HMMMM! Here's a theory...

Could the man on the other end of the phone be a different Brit???

Well, Mary Drake sure is on edge!

What's she so afraid of?

Oooh, way to be a tease, Nick!

But it sure sounds like we'll be seeing more of Spencer and the good detective...

Are you loving this heart to heart between Hanna and Aria?

These girls have a lot on their minds.

Any thoughts, PLLSquad?

Arianna? Hannaria?

Raise your hand if that officer looked suspicious to you?

Why would he be watching Hanna and Aria?

We love the Liars' friendships, too!

Caleb has returned!!

Where do you think he was? And what was on his mind?

Guys can have great heart to heart convos, too!

All the feels for Ezra and Caleb.

Jenna and Charlotte were friends!

We REALLY want to know what these two are up to!

Was Jenna really on Charlotte and Archer's side?

We're not sure what to think!

Jenna does have a bit of a history of stirring up trouble!


Poor Spencer!

This clearly isn't easy for either of them.

Are you mourning Spaleb?

We are kind of anxious about that #EzriaProposal...

Aria and Ezra have to talk eventually... right???

Is Mary Drake winning you over in this scene?

Is Aria going to tell Ezra everything?

And what will he say???

Alison still seems pretty broken up over Elliott's betrayal.

Good thing she has Emily to talk to! Is this scene giving you Emison feels?

Poor Ali!

She's having a really rough time of it.

Lucy has caught on that we're rooting for Ezria!

But seriously... Aria has to say yes!

These two!

Glad to see Spencer and Hanna close again!

Poor Alison!

Were you terrified for Ali, too?

I guess Rosewood PD hasn't always been the finest...

Except for Toby, of course!

And we finally have an answer!!! #EzriaProposal

Aria said yes and we might be a little bit happy!

OK, maybe A LOT happy!

And so is Ashley!

Yikes! Sara Harvey!

Can you believe she's dead?

On a happier note... Lucy shared these ADORABLE pictures of Aria and Ezra!

Are you happy Ezria are engaged?

Thanks for watching this intense episode with us!

Are you still reeling? What surprised you most? Share your reaction with us in the comments!

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