LIVE NOW! Watch With Us As We Witness The #PLLProposal!

Who do you think it will be? Guess below as we watch and follow along with Twitter!

Are you ready???

Rosewood's newest detective sure is!

The dearly departed Dr. Rollins is joining us, too!

Say hi to Huw!

Ali has been released from Welby!

But can you believe who's with her???

How great is it that the show can still surprise us in season 7?

And how about Emily's love life?

Are you here for her new relationship with Sabrina?

And of course, the #PLLProposal is on everyone's minds!

Do you have a guess yet?

Where is Caleb?

Could he be buying a ring???

People are trying to work out who the couple could be!


So where was Rollins taking Ali the night of his death?

What happened to Alison's money?

Got a theory? Share it below!


Was that really Nicole calling Ezra's phone???

Poor Ali!

She's really hurting over Elliot's betrayal.

Hey now... everyone needs a hobby!

Emily's just happens to be B&E.

We interrupt our obsessing over who the #PLLProposal is for a little humor from Nick Gonzalez!

Cute and funny!?!? We're swooning!

The half hour mark! Not long before we see the #PLLProposal!

Now here's a twist we would be floored by!!

It's probably a little too early for Marco to propose to Spencer!

But that elevator scene last week sure was steamy!!

We do know Paige is coming back at some point!

With a ring for Emily???

Meanwhile... what is going on in Elliott's "burner" apartment?

Who keeps a head in their Murphy bed???

This is a relief to know!

Because that apartment. Seriously...

Devious does not even begin to describe Elliott/Archer!

Evil genius, maybe?

That would definitely be a proposal no one would see coming!

How do you feel about Jenna and Sara meeting?

Fifteen minutes to go!!!

Even Huw is getting anxious about the #PLLProposal

How are you feeling about Mary Drake?

Is it all an act? Or does she really care about Alison?

Last minute guesses? #PLLProposal

We're almost there!

Oh!!! Hmmmm....

On the edge of our seats!

Aria and Ezra!!!!!

Did you guess that it would be them?

Who else is swooning right now?

Is Ezria your OTP?

Let us know below!

Huw had some notes on Ezra's wardrobe during the proposal scene!

Sounds like the #PLLProposal was as emotional for the cast as it was for us!

Did you tear up?

Thanks for watching with us!

Come back next time to find out Aria's answer!!

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