Make The Wait For Next Week's Episode Easier With The Official PLL S7E12 Music Guide

It's time to step up your music game.

We know waiting for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars is the worst.

But we've got just the thing to make the wait bearable. The soundtrack for PLL is always seriously on point, and this week was no different. But if all the amazing PLL music isn't enough, then you can always rewatch the most recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 and before you know it the next episode will be here.

Hanna struggles to redesign a dress that is more Claudia than it is Hanna.

And Hanna plays 'Hope (feat. Emily Coulston)' by Ben Phipps in her workroom while Caleb tries to comfort her.

Aria confesses to Holden that she's worried about Ezra and Nicole.

And while Holden tries to help her see things straight, 'Every Little Light' by Little Children plays in the background.

Emily is on the phone to Hanna when she spots Jenna.

'Another Lonely Heart' by Fialta plays while Emily uncovers another crucial part of A.D.'s twisted game.

Mona runs some seriously cute accessories by Hanna, when an uninvited guest spells serious trouble.

While Hanna tries to understand how this plays into the game, 'Youth In 21' by Chelsea Effect plays in the background.

Holden gives Aria some good advice as she considers taking off her engagement ring.

And the music playing at the pizza place is 'Snowflake' by Carl Broemel.

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