Paige Looks SO Suspicious In this Video! We Need To Know What You Think!

Could she be A.D.?

We SO thought Paige was A when we first saw this clip:

Seriously -- how guilty did she look?! The thing is, we now know that she wasn't A, but does that mean that she's not A.D.? Her hate for Alison goes WAY back -- Alison used to call her Pigskin, remember? And Alison also sent her a letter pretending to be Emily... that was so harsh! We all know that Paige has had a thing for Emily for a very long time so it couldn't have been easy for Paige to see her get close with Alison in Season 7A, but could this jealousy and hatred be enough to push her over the edge? We need your opinions!

Do you think Paige is A.D.?

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