PLL Squad: Get Ready To Dare Keegan Allen!

Do you think he can make it as a Nerve player?

We've got an exciting new Snapchat takeover with Keegan Allen and we need your help!

Inspired by the intense new movie ‘Nerve’ hitting theaters July 27, you guys have an amazing opportunity to challenge PLL’s own Keegan Allen to play the game using #PLLhasNerve. We’ll then see how many of your craziest Nerve-inspired dares he can complete in an hour... and, oh yeah, and we’ll be broadcasting everything on the PLL Snapchat too!

Pretty Little Liars - PLL Squad: Get Ready To Dare Keegan Allen! - 1002

Do you think Keegan will channel his inner Officer Toby Cavanaugh to help him brave your dares?

Take a look at some of the dares so far!

Keegan's dares will be broadcast on the PLL Snapchat on July 19, so get tweeting today! #PLLhasNerve

Nerve hits theaters July 27. Are you a watcher or player?

Who do you think could complete the most dares out of Keegan Allen or Toby Cavanaugh? Let us know below.

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