Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss!

It's impossible to put in to words just how much we all love this show, but we're about to give it our best shot!

The end of Pretty Little Liars is near and we couldn't be more devastated!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will return in April 2017 and while we're super excited to see what the final ten episodes will bring, we're heartbroken that PLL will be over. Here's 15 things we are REALLY going to miss:

1. Alison DiLaurentis...

Alison may not have been properly introduced until Season 4, but the entire show centered around her character. If it wasn't for her there wouldn't have been any Pretty Little Liars! In the beginning, we sort of loved to hate Ali. She tried to force Aria to tell her mom about her dad's affair, she nicknamed Hanna 'Hefty Hanna,' she lead poor Emily on and on, and she tried to blackmail Spencer... but all of that made the first season incredibly exciting! The Alison we know now is totally different from the old Alison -- kind, caring, and FINALLY coming to terms with her feelings for Emily.

2. Aria Montgomery...

We love Aria for her originality. Throughout all the seasons of PLL, she has stayed beautifully unique, although she did get rid of the pink stripes in her hair! We also love her intelligence -- her love of reading and writing. She showed that reading IS sexy! Her love life has given us a LOT of excitement over the years too. It's hard not to be a die-hard Ezria fan, but since Nicole has been found alive, we don't know what will happen to them! We are praying for an Ezria wedding, but if that's not meant to be we can totally get on board with Jaria!

3. Spencer Hastings...

If Aria made reading sexy, Spencer made all things geek sexy! Do you know a smarter character than Spencer? We don't! Throughout all the seasons of PLL, she always seemed to find the answers -- we're not quite sure what the other Liars would have done without her! We couldn't believe it when she was shot in the summer finale (we still can't believe it now), and even more shocking -- Mary Drake is her MOM?! We cannot wait to see what Season 7B will bring for her character.

4. Emily Fields...

Emily has been such a role model to us all! Is there another character that could teach us how to be our true selves as well as Emily? We don't think so! She used to think she was the weakest link in the group, but we know how brave she can be. She is super loyal to her friends. We watched as she pined after Alison all those years and now it looks like Emison might actually be happening! Fingers crossed, everyone!

5. Hanna Marin...

We're not sure there's enough words in this world to express how much we LOVE Hanna Marin. No one has made us laugh more than this girl! She always seems to be saying the wrong thing, but that's just part of her charm. She has come a long, long way since her insecure days as 'Hefty Hanna' and has proved that she is so much stronger than Alison had her believe. For one thing, she was captured by A.D. and yet managed to escape! Haleb has brought us so much joy too. We almost burst with excitement when they kissed in the summer finale. Will there be a Haleb wedding in 7B? We hope so!

6. The PLL boys...

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1017

Can we just take a minute to appreciate these faces? Seriously -- what will we do without these beautiful boys in our lives?! We've pretty much been in love with them since the first time they graced the PLL screens and we KNOW that there are no other ships like Spoby, Ezria, and Haleb. They belong together and that's the end of it. Although they've definitely had their ups and downs... remember when we thought Ezra was A? It turned out that he wasn't, but it was still such a shock to know that his relationship with Aria got off to a false start. And then we thought Toby was A too, although it became clear he just joined the A-Team in order to protect Spencer. And even Haleb had a shady start! Remember when Jenna paid Caleb to spy on Hanna? Yup, it certainly hasn't been all rosy in Rosewood (understatement of the century), but if the ships were able to get through all of that, surely they belong together?

7. The PLL villains...

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1018

So we know: the PLL villains are a strange thing to miss, but they kind of made the show and, we're not going to lie, we sort of love them! The thing is, you never know where you stand with the PLL villains. Mona was evil, but now she's good - will she stay good? Charlotte was evil, but now she's dead so she's a victim too. Elliott had us all fooled - we totally thought he was in love with Alison! And we always had a funny feeling about Mary Drake... does she really regret what she did to Alison? And we have NO idea what Jenna's deal is! You can never truly let your guard down when you're watching PLL, which is why A.D. could turn out to be anyone!

8. Mona Vanderwaal...

We know we just dedicated an entire paragraph to the PLL villains, but Mona was the original A and in our opinion, one of the best! In Season 1, she knew just how to get inside the Liars' heads -- we honestly believed that Alison was the one messaging the girls. She had us all fooled until the end of Season 2 when Spencer found that gum wrapper that matched Mona's in A's lair. It was such a shock! Now, Mona uses her intelligence for good (for the most part) and she is always there for the Liars when they get themselves into tricky situations.

9. The PLL parents...

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1022

The lives of the PLL parents have almost been as dramatic as the lives of their daughters! Divorce, affairs, scandals, death... it's all been there. We totally LOVE Hanna and Ashley's mom/daughter relationship -- they get along so well! And our favorite Montgomery moment has got to be when Ella and Byron remarried -- it was so sweet. Pam and Emily have had their ups and downs, but it was so lovely when Pam was able to accept her daughter for who she was. We were heartbroken when Wayne died -- we're still not really over it to be honest. And the Hastings -- they've got to be the toughest parents around! How many times did Veronica get the Liars out of tricky situations with the cops? There were quite a few. But since it's been revealed that Mary Drake is Spencer's mother, we're not sure what's going to happen in the Hastings family!

10. The Rosewood Police...

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1023

Again, this is probably a strange thing to miss, but they've sort of made PLL too. If nothing else, we have had so much fun laughing at their complete incompetence! No wonder the Liars never went to the cops -- we wouldn't have gone to the Rosewood PD either! SO many people have escaped their custody, logged in to their databases, and hacked computers that were in their care, but the WORST mistake they've ever made has got to be when they hired Wilden. What was this guy's deal? He dropped Hanna's shoplifting charge because her mom slept with him, he tried to push Aria off a train, and he set fire the Thornhill Lodge! Having said that, the Rosewood PD has improved dramatically since the earlier seasons! For one thing, they hired Toby (best decision they ever made) and Marco seems to be really on the ball!

11. Lines like this:

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1024

12. And this:

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1025

13. And this:

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars Is Ending: Here's 15 Things We're Really Going To Miss! - 1026

Seriously -- these lines are legendary.

14. The PLL cast...

They've perfected the SHHHHH. And we couldn't love them more. 👆🏼 #MatchingTattoos #PLLForever Photo via @janelparrish.

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We don't think there could have been better people than Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Lucy Hale, and Janel Parrish to play our favorite girls! Hands up if you LOVE the fact they all got matching Pretty Little Liars tattoos to commemorate their time on PLL!

15. And, of course, I. Marlene King!

The woman who gave us Pretty Little Liars -- there aren't enough words in the world to describe how grateful we are to her! She created epic characters and epic storylines that kept us watching for SIX years. We are certain she's going to finish the show off with a bang and we cannot WAIT to see what the final season will bring, although we're heartbroken it's going to end. Can we just pretend it's not happening?

What will you miss the most from PLL?

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