Ready To Play Which Pretty Little Liars Moment Was Better?

We've made this impossible for PLL fans!

Like Pop Secret, there are so many moments in Pretty Little Liars that are better than everything. To celebrate, we've put together a quiz that asks you to choose between some of them. Think you're up to the challenge?

1. Was Ezria's first kiss better than Spoby's first kiss?

2. Was Haleb's first kiss better than Emison's first kiss?

3. Was "Bitch can see!" better than "It's immortality, my darlings?"

4. Were the worms in the Chinese food better than the guts in the teddy bear?

5. Was Spencer giving Toby a truck better than Maya making Emily an underwater paradise?

6. Was Hanna's dance better than Emily and Aria's Camp Mona hair?

7. Was thinking Toby was A better than thinking Ezra was A?

8. Was Mona drinking Spoby's anniversary wine better than the PLL moms drinking lots of wine?

9. Was Mona's A reveal better than Charlotte's A reveal?

10. Was Ezria's kiss in the rain better than Haleb's steamy shower scene?

11. Was Aria being trapped in a box with a dead Garrett better than Emily being trapped in a box careening towards a saw?

12. Was Toby's do-rag moment better than Ezra's chickpeas moment?

13. Was Hanna slapping Jenna better than Emily slapping Sara?

14. Was finding out that Alison was alive better than finding out that Mona was alive?

15. Was finding out that Alison is pregnant better than finding out that Mary Drake is Spencer's mom?

16. Was the Liars getting the first A text better than them receiving A.D.'s board game?

Which question did you find the most difficult to answer? Let us know in the comments below.

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