Relive Season 7 Episode 15's Most Dramatic Moments In The Official PLL Music Guide

We are absolutely loving the Season 7B soundtrack.

A.D.'s game got even more intense in S7E15.

Beat for beat, Season 7's soundtrack has us on the edge of our seat and we are absolutely loving it. Check out two of the most dramatic moments from the latest episode below, and catch up on all the twists and turns of A.D.'s game by streaming the most recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 7B now.

1. The Liars share their suspicions about Lucas, Hanna tries to defend him while Aria struggles with a secret.

You could cut the tension with a knife while 'Meadows' by Wild Child plays.

2. Mona gives Hanna the news that Lucas' company has put her factory workspace up for sale.

And while Hanna is left in utter disbelief, 'Black Out Days' by Phantogram plays at The Brew.

3. Emily finally tells Paige the truth about Alison's baby.

'Wants What It Wants (Hushed)' by Andrew Belle provides the soundtrack to this extremely delicate moment.

4. After digesting Emily's news, Paige makes a decision about their relationship.

All our hearts broke as the soft tones of 'Love Will Make Me Stay' by Butterfly Boucher played on.

5. Emily discovers Alison in crisis when she reveals that she has made her decision about the baby.

'Breathe' by Fleurie plays while Emily promises to help Alison through her pregnancy, no matter what.

Check out the official PLL Spotify playlist:

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