Relive The Best Moments Of S7E18 With The Official Pretty Little Liars Music Guide

An amazing episode with a perfectly matched soundtrack.

Season 7 episode 18 of Pretty Little Liars was intense.

There was drama, betrayal, and a whole lot of romance. And the soundtrack throughout made every moment even better. Listen to the best of the tracks again in the official music guide below. Then get ready for the final two episodes of Pretty Little Liars by rewatching the latest episodes of Season 7B here on Freeform.

Ashley confronts Hanna about the trouble she is in with the police.

As mother and daughter share a heart-to-heart, 'Save Me' by Majik plays in The Radley lobby.

Toby is back in Rosewood. He catches up with Spencer at The Radley bar.

'Leave Your Love' by Young Summer plays while Toby fills Spencer in on his meeting with Detective Tanner.

The Liars nervously discuss the possibility that one - or all - of them may be going to jail.

As the reality of their situation begins to sink in, 'A Little Wicked' by Valerie Broussard plays in the background.

After failing to get answers from Hanna, Ashley goes to Caleb to find out what's going on.

Ashley desperately questions Caleb while 'A World Waiting' by Spencer Thomson plays to add to the tension.

While A.D.'s timer continues to count down, the Liars spend a passionate night with their SOs.

'Stand By Me' by Denmark + Winter plays providing a beautiful accompaniment to all the romance.

Listen to the complete Pretty Little Liars soundtrack with the official Spotify playlist.

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