Relive The Soundtrack From Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13 Here

It's time to relax with the soothing sounds of PLL.

Another episode, another great soundtrack.

We're going crazy trying to figure out what A.D. is up to. But at least these PLL tunes will keep us distracted until next week's episode. If you're desperate to piece together the true nature of A.D.'s game, then you can play detective and stream the most recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 right here!

Spencer has a brief encounter with Toby at The Brew, Marco invites her out for the day.

The delicate soundtrack to these moments for Spencer is 'Wanted To Be Loved' by Daniel Ahearn which plays quietly in the background.

Spencer shares a kiss with Marco, while Toby and Yvonne finally get married.

The heavenly 'From The Snow-Tipped Hills' by The Silver Lake Chorus provides a beautiful soundtrack for these touching moments.

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